My Top 5 Tips When Playing Sombra in Overwatch


Sombra is another member of Talon – the terrorist organisation that seems to be highly against Overwatch. Sombra has incredible hacking skills and often uses information that she gathers as a way of blackmail.


As a child, Sombra (real name unknown) was orphaned during the Omnic Crisis (a ten year war between robots and humans) and nearly destroyed her country. Thankfully, her natural abilities with computing and hacking saved her and she became a member of the Los Muertos gang. During her many conquests with Los Muertos, she stumbled across a global conspiracy which got her noticed – leading her to wipe all trace of herself and go into hiding. After a number of years, she became investigating the conspiracy once more, gaining the admiration of Talon.


Sombra is an Offensive hero with a 3 star difficulty.


Tip #1 – Hack the Players


As mentioned, Sombra has a powerful hacking ability which she can use on the field, meaning she can hack other players. Hacking enemies means blocking their abilities, which is extremely effective against:

  • Genji (he loses Swift Strike and Deflect)
  • Pharah (she can be hard to reach due to her airborne abilities, but you can debuff this ability)
  • Reaper (he will no longer be able to use Wraith Form, meaning he cannot make easy escapes)
  • Soldier: 76 (this can block his Biotic Field, but not as soon as it’s place down, so make sure you time it well)
  • Tracer (she loses Recall and Blink, making her a much easier target)
  • Bastion (he will no longer be able to use his Sentry, which takes out targets easily)
  • Orisa (disables her Fortify and Protective Barrier)
  • Doomfist (loses all of his abilities)
  • Mei (shuts down Ice Wall and Cyro-Freeze, meaning she will not be able to block or heal)
  • Reinhardt (he will no longer be able to use his shield)
  • D.Va (disables her Defence Matrix, meaning she no longer has any protection)
  • Roadhog (he will not be able to Hook or restore lost health)
  • Zarya (the Hack can disable shields, so it can halve her health)
  • An enemy Sombra
  • Hanzo (it only disables his Scatter Arrow, so only use it when he is in a good position to use it)
  • Junkrat (does not work if he has already placed a Concussion Mine or Steel Trap)
  • Winston (better used when he is defending the point or escorting the payload)
  • Mercy (if can cut off her Resurrect Ultimate, so is good to use after a large death of the enemy team, as well as her Guardian Angel ability, meaning she cannot escape easily)
  • Zenyatta (he will no longer be able to switch targets with his Orbs)
  • Ana (disables her Biotic Grenade and Sleep Dart, making it harder to heal her teammates and make an easy escape)
  • It can also be used against Torbjorn’s Turret and Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets


The rest of the heroes (McCree, Widowmaker and Lucio) will not be quite as affected by Sombra’s Hack but does shut off Ultimates, even if they are fully charged.


It is also worth noting that Sombra has the ability to hack Health Packs, meaning they spawn faster and are also useless for the enemy team to use. Naturally, these are best used against the most used Health Packs (i.e. the large ones that can heal up to 250 HP).

Tip #2 – Stealth it Out

Another of Sombra’s abilities is Stealth – this allows her to be invisible for a short period of time (around 5 seconds, unless it is interrupted by taking damage or being detected by an enemy player) and increases her movement speed (8.8 m/s). This can help reach objectives without being seen; escape if she is low on health or (as I’ve seen in the community with high skilled players) push the payload to its final destination (so long as you’re on the payload itself).

During Stealth, she can use her Translocator and reload her gun.

Tip #3 – Light the Beacon


Another one of Sombra’s abilities is the Translocator – it acts every similarly to Tracer’s Chronal Accelerator (the device that allows her to use Blink and Recall) in that she can transport herself to wherever it is placed. It is limited on time however – once placed, it will be ‘live’ for around 15 seconds, meaning that Sombra can only teleport to the beacon within the space of 15 seconds. Fortunately, it does not have a limit on range (i.e. if possible, you can travel to one side of the map, even if the beacon is on the other side of the map).

One advantage is that Sombra can teleport mid-flight, i.e. the beacon does not have to hit the ground after being thrown in order to use it. This can be used to confuse enemies by throwing it upwards, then use Stealth to escape.

Beware of campers (especially Junkrats) as the beacon can be seen and heard, therefore enemies can lay in wait if they find it.

Tip #4 – Once a Scout, Always a Scout


A combination (or using one or the other, it’s player preference) of Stealth and the Translocator means that Sombra can act as a scout, which is partially useful going against a Defensive team or simply running into enemy fire. Remember, characters automatically announce events such as snipers, turrets and teleporters so you won’t have to type it out!

Sending out Sombra first will also enable her to hack enemies to cut off abilities, but note that if she is using Stealth, she will come out of it when hacking and therefore be revealed to enemy players. To make sure you don’t get seen (you will be heard as there will be a sound affect and/or a quip from Sombra herself), make sure you are outside of the enemies view (like behind them) as three visible lines appear on the enemies UI when they are being hacked.

Tip #5 – Lights Out!


Sombra’s Ultimate is her EMP – she disperses a debuff within a 15 m radius that hacks all opponents within it for 6 seconds. By hacking a mass of enemies in one fell swoop, this destroys all barriers and shields, making targets much easier (and getting a long assist list!).

The EMP is good against other Ultimates, such as:

  • Blizzard (Mei)
  • Earthshatter (Reinhardt)
  • Gravtional Surge (Zarya)
  • Sound Barrier (Lucio)

This Ultimate is all about timing, so make sure you have a lot (or all) of the enemy team within your perimeter and that you’re not alone – Sombra can’t do that much damage by herself (up to 8 damage per bullet) without the necessity to escape if need be. This Ultimate may not afflict any damage, much like Widowmaker’s Ultimate, it can be pretty useful when played at the right time!

  • Watch Sombra’s Origin story here.
  • Watch a showcase of her abilities here.
  • Watch her animated short Infiltration here.

My set up for Sombra

Thanks for readiong, hope you enjoyed! Let me know if I missed out on any of your pro strats for Sombra. ¡Adios Amigos!



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