My Top 5 Tips When Playing Reaper in Overwatch


Reaper is a Offensive character who uses 2 shotguns at his primary weapons with the abilities to disappear and reappear in a location as well as being able to become a shadow that no longer receives damage, increase movement speed and pass through enemies.


Reaper has a 1 star difficulty, meaning if you’re a new player, he is one of the easiest characters to master.


Reaper is a known member of the group Talon – a terrorist organization who appeared on the scene after Overwatch disbanded. Reaper’s real identity is Gabriel Reyes –  a US soldier who eventually became the head of Blackwatch (a covert operations arm of Overwatch) who worked with Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76); Ana Amari; Reinhardt Wilhelm; Torbjorn Lindholm; Lena Oxton (Tracer); Angela Ziegler (Mercy); Jesse McCree and Genji Shimanda. Reyes grew jealous of Morrison – despite their close bond – due to his credit and formed a rebellion. This led a conflict at the Swiss Overwatch HQ, leading to the deaths of Reyes and Morrison.


Tip #1 – Guns of Fire


Reaper’s dual shotguns – the Hellfire Shotguns – are most effective against Tanks. Shotguns are know for their close range ability so this combined with the amount of damage the Hellfire Shotguns cause (there are 20 pellets per shot, which deal 2 -7 damage per pellet and have a maximum of 140 damage). Because Tanks are the bigger heroes, they are easier to hit, so Reaper is good against Tanks, as well as low-health enemies. Get in close (with Wraith Form, which I will explain further in this article) and use the 8 shots effective to kill Tanks on the point!

Tip #2 – It’s all about Control

Due to Reaper’s flanking nature, Reaper is best to use on Control maps. These maps include:

  • Ilois
  • Lijang Tower
  • Nepal
  • Oasis

Be careful on these maps, however – Reaper is not good at long range. Make sure you’re the first one on the point to deal close and heavy damage. Thankfully, most of these maps’s points are in enclosed spaces under a roof, so an enemy escaping is less than likely.

Tip #3 – Step…into the Shadows


One of Reaper’s abilities is Shadow Step – this allows him to travel at a 35 m range within 2 seconds (after picking a location) without anyone seeing or allowing him to take damage. This is good to cut across large gaps in maps – especially if you’re in a hurry; escape certain death (if you’re quick) and ambush opponents. A good example of this is against Mei – if she uses Ice Wall, Reaper can (depending on your reflexes) Shadow Step behind her and ambush. It’s even better if the whole enemy team is also behind the Ice Wall and you have his Ultimate ability ready.

Also if properly timed, Shadow Step can avoid attacks, but not Ultimate abilities. It also will not complete if Reaper takes damage.

Tip #4 – You Can’t Chain a Wraith


Reaper’s other ability is Wraith Form – this turns him into a shadow for 3 seconds that speed him up and not take damage. Unfortunately, Reaper is unable to use his weapons during this or escape some enemies’ abilities, such as Junkrat’s Steel Trap or Widowmaker’s Venom Mine (if already triggered).

This gives Reaper the opportunity to escape if he is being hit hard (as noted, the buff only lasts a little while – even in Mayhem Mode – so don’t stay in one area if you are low on health) as well reload. It is better to use when ambushing a Bastion or getting round a Torbjorn’s Turret.

Tip #5 – DIE, DIE, DIE!


Reaper’s Ultimate ability is Death Blossom, which fires as many shotgun bullets at high speed in multiple directions as possible. This can deal more than double max damage (510 damage per enemy) in a 8 m radius for 3 seconds. It may be short, but it is deadly (and pretty much a sure kill against low-health enemies, such as Supports). Despite it’s damage, it cannot headshot (unlike the Hellfire Shotguns).

Some of the best Play of the Games (POTG) I’ve seen with Reaper is using Wraith Form and/or Shadow Step to a good point on a map that leads to most or all enemy players and using Death Blossom to take out everyone. Again, this is good on Control maps – especially if you want the point back!


Despite the devastating effects of Death Blossom, Reaper is very vulnerable during his Ultimate as he cannot use either Wraith Form or Shadow Step and he cannot interrupt his own Ultimate. Effective methods to stop Death Blossom is:

  • McCree’s Flashbang
  • Roadhog’s Chain Hook
  • Pharah’s Concussive Blast (but this may move Reaper closer to enemies by mistake)
  •  Junkrat Concussive Mine
  • Ana’s Sleep Dart
  • Mei’s Ice Wall (this may block or move Reaper upwards and out of reach)

And that’s it for this week’s article – hope you enjoyed! Until next time, take care!

My set up for Reaper


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