My Top 5 Tips When Playing Winston in Overwatch


Winston is seen as the ‘head’ of Overwatch – after all, he is the first character you encounter when booting up the game for the first time.


Winston is a Tank class hero, however he has a two-star difficulty rating, meaning you can hap-hazardously waltz in, jump around, place your shield wherever you want and use your Ultimate as a distraction. Here are some tips to help Winston be an actual threat whenever on the battlefield.


Tip #1 – That’s Enough, Bighead…


Winston a intelligent, genetically engineered gorilla, meaning he’s pretty large. This makes him a easy target, especially to heroes who can headshot. Be wary of snipers!

Granted, Winston has a large amount of health (500 HP) which can easily be reduced if Winston is simply on his own. He is not a standard ‘stand and plant’ type of Tank – it is easier to move around (unpredictably) so Hanzo cannot kill him with 2 arrow shots (yep, that’s all it takes for a skilled Hanzo player).

Tip #2 – This Will Protect Us


As mentioned above, Winston is better played to move around. This is aided by his ability – his Barrier Projector. It has 600 HP and domes in a 5m radius, giving plenty of coverage. It can also be used in the air – a good combination is Winston’s Jump Pack followed by the Barrier to protect teammates; block enemy shots and cut across small gaps.

It is also worth noting that the Barrier Projector blocks shots inside of it as well as outside. This is useful for limiting range between enemies and for containing turrets and the like. You can even contain D.Va’s Self-Destruct Ultimate if timed well!

Tip #3 – Winston, Away!


Winston’s Jump Pack is useful as an escape goat when on low health and closing gaps, but can be used to other advantages.

For example, say you are playing Winston on the Attack Team on the Eichewalde Map – you can plan your jump and land straight in the area to unlock the payload. If you’re lucky, enemies will be defending the point. The Jump Pack, once landed, will knock enemies back. This is good to get them off the point or even used in maps such as Route 66 to knock enemies off ledges. This is good for those environmental kills.

Tip #4 – It’s Not a Glass Cannon – it’s a Telsa Cannon!


Winston’s primary weapon is very similar to Symmetra’s Photon Projector – it emit’s a lightning beam that effects all enemies infront of it. OK, so it doesn’t latch onto enemies but it does deliver quite a nasty shock!

It can deliver up to 60 damage per second with a 6 m radius but isn’t every ranged – it can only reach 8 m. It only takes 1.5 seconds to reload and has a charge of 100.

It is good at latching on, but only it the enemy is infront of Winston, so you may have to do a bit of chasing – just don’t go after fellow Tanks, as they can very easily eliminate him. Target low-health enemies or those going after the point.

Tip #5 – Don’t Make Him Angry!


Winston’s Ultimate is Primal Rage – this allows him self-buff and go full melee. He can use his Jump Pack still and much more frequently than usual. It only lasts around 10 seconds but allows him to swing at 40 damage within a 4 m range and increased his movement speed up to 7 m/s.

It gives Winston an extra 500 HP, so it is good to use if you ever have low health as well as crowd controlling (such as pushing a Dead-Eye readied McCree into a space where he cannot see); scattering the enemy team (good for either Attacking or Defending); stalling a objective (better for a Defending team when some or all teammates have died and coming back) or simply trapping an enemy against a wall (knocking them repeatedly against the wall will make it hard for them to escape but also take extra damage). Oh, and let’s not forget those environmental kills.

There we are – thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed!

Don’t forget that the 2nd Summer Games Event is currently happening until the 28th on OverwatchLucioball is back and has new skins, emotes, voice lines, victory poses and highlight intros.


Blizzard has also announced a new mode coming – Deathmatch. It is currently available on the PTR server (for PC only and available to all regions apart from China – sorry) that also gives a little bit more background into Widowmaker before she joined Talon.


Until next time, take care!

My set up for Winston


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