My Top 5 Tips When Playing Tracer in Overwatch


Tracer, AKA Lena Oxton, is a British member of the disbanded Overwatch group who has the ability to warp time.


She is a Offensive hero with a 2 star difficulty rating, meaning she is not impossible to master but will take some time.


Tracer is the mascot of Overwatch of some sort – she was the first character to be designed and completed for the game and also has the most skins compared to any other character (if that doesn’t say anything about the developers not favoring her, I don’t know what will).

Tip #1 – Blink, and You’ll Miss Her!


As mentioned before, Tracer has the ability to warp through time – meaning she can fastforward or reverse her personal timeline thanks to her Chronal Accelerator. This can be used to a player’s advantage to dart around the map erratically so enemies cannot pinpoint where she will be.

Tracer’s Blink ability also allows her to cross large gaps, such as in Eichenwalde and Hanamura. They are also not affected by Mei’s freezing/slowing damage and will actually reset the counter when used. The same goes for Mei’s Blizzard, however it must be timed properly, otherwise Tracer will be frozen completely if left too late.

Tip #2 – Recall Yourself Out of There!


Tracer has another similar ability to Blink – Recall. This allows her to return to a certain point on the map where she was a few seconds ago, returning her health and ammo to precise what it was. This gives Tracer the ability to self heal and get herself out of tight spots.

Recall can save Tracer from hard-hitting enemy attacks, such as Reaper’s Death Blossom and Roadhog’s Whole Hog or his Hook (if timed at the right moment). It can also remove buffs, such as Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord, Ana’s Biotic Grenade and Widowmaker’s Venom Mine.


It can also save you from certain death.


Tip #3 – Bursting with…Bullets?

Tracer’s primary weapons are her Pulse Pistols – twin guns that fire up to 40 ammunition before needing to be reloaded (which only takes 1 second). They can do up to 6 amount of damage per shot (up to 240 damage if all ammo is used).

The Pulse Pistols can head shot but also be subject to falloff damage – deterioration of damage depending on the distant of the target. The furthest the target can be for Tracer to guarantee to inflict damage is 30 meters, and only then can do around 1.5 points of damage.

Tip #4 – Flank to the Left, then Flank to the Right

giphy (2)

With a combination of Blink, Recall and the Pulse Pistols, Tracer is good as a flanker. She can move erratically with Blink, hit fast with her Pulse Pistols and if need be, Recall back to a previous position. Her Pulse Pistols deal more damage at close range, so it’s better to be up close and personal rather than picking off enemies from far away. Blink and Recall give Tracer that guarantee she can escape when low on health and recover some health too or get to a support player.

Tip #5 – Bomb’s Away!


Tracer’s ultimate is the Pulse Bomb. It has a 3 meter radius and can deal up to 400 points of damage, so it is good to be used on a cluster of enemies. It is a good combination with Zarya’s Gravity Surge or (potentially) Mei’s Blizzard to deal a lot of damage or eliminate enemy players.

The Pulse Bomb can also be stuck to players, so do not throw it out wildly as this gives enemies the opportunity to see the bomb and run away (it takes a few seconds to donate once it has been thrown. There is also a sound trigger). It is good for a combined attacked on a high-health player or a finisher to destroy D.Va’s Mech, leaving her vulnerable until she can call her next Mech.

Be careful on how close you are to the enemy or enemies when you throw the Bomb as it can inflict self damage.

And that’s it, hope you enjoyed! Until next time, take care!

giphy tracer (2)


My set up for Tracer


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