My Top 5 Tips When Playing Torbjörn in Overwatch


Torbjörn is a pure Defense character due to his primary weapon – his turret. Once deployed, it acts as a AI and will immediate shoot enemies once they are in it’s view. Torbjörn also uses his Forge Hammer to upgrade his turret and his Rivet Gun to attack enemies.


Torbjörn has a 2 star difficulty, meaning you’ll have to play a few games to get used to his play style and figure out how to best use him (unless you read this guide fully, of course).


Tip #1 – Know the Map


I do not recommend playing Torbjörn straight away if you’re new to Overwatch. As mentioned, you need to play a few games to get comfortable playing him, but also to know the maps.

Torbjörn’s Build Turret shoots an infinitive amount of bullets with it’s laser reticle, so playing it in a good place is key – this is where the knowledge of maps comes into play. It is recommended to place the Turret up high but covered – while some characters cannot maximize their damage by targeting upwards (like Junkrat), other characters can (like Pharah). An example would be at the top of the tower infront of the first Attack spawn room or the one around the corner at Watchpoint: Gibraltar as they are elevated, but also have objects that can disguise the Turret.

Equally, it is good to have 2 or 3 Torbjörns in No Limits to have a wall of Torbjörn – this works well as a Defense team in Dorado.

Tip #2 – Crack it Up to Level 2

Torbjörn can use his Forge Hammer to upgrade his Turret from level 1 to level 2 within 6 seconds (hitting it 5 times), making if you’re on the Defense Team (like you should be if you’re using Torbjörn), you’ll have a little bit of time to deploy the Turret and immediately upgrade it to Level 2. Once it’s upgraded, it will shoot more rounds per second (4 compared to 2 at Level 1) and has doubled health (300 HP). This will help take down enemies faster, especially if it well placed (and not in the open or placed without much thought).

Tip #3 – Scrap Heap? Yes Please!


One of Torbjörn’s other abilities to make armor packs from scrap metal. Scrap metal can be found after any enemy is defeated.

Around 50 scrap metal is used for one Armor Pack which gives he and his teammates an extra 75 HP. The armor – with all other health buffs – take damage first, which is good for low health teammates.

Up to 10 pieces of armor can be deployed at one time. Players can only pick up one at a time but they have one already equipped, then take damage, they can pick up another one in order to replenish their armor buff again (even if the player only takes 1 point of damage, so use them sparingly).

Tip #4 – Long or Close Range? You Decide


Torbjörn’s Rivet Gun has 2 types of firing power – the Rivet Shot and the Rivet Burst. The Rivet Shot is the primary attack of the weapon which deals up to 70 damage with just one shot. It has 18 rounds but only 1 bullet is shot with each round. However, the secondary attack for the Rivet Gun – the Rivet Burst – can deal up to 150 damage per shot and fire 10 bullets per shot. Because the Rivet Burst deals damage faster (80 m/s), the secondary shot is better for close range, e.g. for someone who is attacking you or the turret, while the Rivet Shot is better for long range. Either way, both can deal head shots if skilled enough.

Tip #5 – Leave Baby in the Corner


It is not a good idea to stay with the Turret once it has been deployed – enemies can easily kill you at close range, then while you or no-one else is guarding the Turret, they can destroy it. Or vice versa.

During Torbjörn’s Ultimate – Molten Core – it is best to leave the Turret to go on the offensive. While his Ultimate is a buff, it does not deal extra damage but gives a 50% more attack speed and an extra 300 armor. The Turret gains 800 HP, so it’s fine to leave it alone – don’t worry. It can also instantly upgrade a Level 1 Turret to a Level 3 (only achievable with the Ultimate and lasts 12 seconds), which is good for defending a point and stopping the payload.

And there you have it – hope you enjoyed! Let me know if there’s any Torbjörn mains out there who have some tricks I missed.

Also, Doomfist – arguably Overwatch’s most anticipated playable character – was released on Thursday. Check out my Update Video on my YouTube Channel to find out how Doomfist plays.


Until next time, take care!


My set up for Torbjörn 


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