My Top 5 Tips When Playing Ana in Overwatch


Ana was the first hero to be announced after the game’s initial release and is also the mother of Pharah. She was affiliated with Overwatch under Jack Morrison’s command until a mission to save hostages from Talon left her presumed dead.


Ana is a 3 star hero, but I will say that she is easy to master in the basic abilities. Once you master her at 3 stars, she becomes pretty much unstoppable.

Tip #1 – Back Up Your Teammates


Ana is a good hero to stay at the back of her team due to her sniping abilities and surprise attacks, however if you do play Ana and choose to stay at the back, make sure you have a teammate with you – despite her abilities, she does have a lower tier of health and can be easily flanked.

Tip #2 – No Scope Needed for Heals


Ana’s primary weapon is her Biotic Rifle, which allows her to heal teammates either close to her (without using the scope) or far away (using the scope). Shooting at enemies allows damage to be made (it does 60 damage per shot, both scoped and not scoped) and heals around 75 (making her one of the more stronger support heroes).

However, Ana doesn’t need a precise target when healing teammates – in other words, when wanting to heal a teammate, you don’t have to have Ana’s crosshairs on your teammate – you just to make sure that they are in the triangle of the scope. This allows less time to be wasted on a precise shot, meaning you can get your teammates out of a hairy situation faster compared to lining up a measured shot.

This does not apply when trying to damage enemies.

Tip #3 – Bedtime!

maxresdefault (35)

Ana’s secondary weapon is her Sleep Dart Gun that she keeps as a sidearm. This allows you to knock enemy players unconscious for a few seconds and causes a little bit of damage (around 5 – not great, but still worth using).

Despite this, the Sleep Dart should be used strategically – the Sleep Dart allows you a few seconds to advance, so don’t stay on your target and deal damage when they are asleep. It is best used when advancing on a point; when an enemy player uses their ultimate and as a last-minute escape.

The Sleep Dart is also best used on Tanks, however as previously mentioned, it can be used on Ultimates, but not all of them. It is also worth noting that it can be reflected by Genji’s Deflect ability.

Tip #4 – Healing Grenade, Engage!


Ana’s third ability is her Biotic Grenade – a projectile that is thrown in an arch that heals in a 4 meter radius. It heals up to 100 for both herself and teammates but also damages enemies 60 and also blocks enemies from healing. It only lasts around 4 seconds but is definitely one of the strongest healing abilities. It is also good to use with other support heroes, i.e. it speeds up the healing process, which is useful when another support hero is healing, such as Mercy or Lucio.

Tip #5 – Nano Boost Me!


Ana’s Ultimate increases a teammates damage output as well as a resistance to damage (both by 50%), even if it does last for around 8 seconds.

Nano Boost to good to use on Tanks as they have a heavier damage output, but also during teammate’s own Ultimates, such as:

  • Tactical Visor (Soldier: 76)
  • Death Blossom (Reaper)
  • Dragonblade (Genji)
  • Deadeye (McCree)
  • EMP (Sombra)
  • Tank (Bastion)
  • Earthshatter (Reinhardt)
  • Graviton Surge (Zarya)
  • Whole Hog (Roadhog)
  • Supercharger (Orisa)

A coordinated attack with your team with the combination of Ana’s Nano Boost and someone else’s Ultimate will lead to victory. However, do not waste the Nano Boost when you are about to die or on healers. I’ve had this during one match when playing as Mercy and the Ana player boosted me twice – I was too busy healing other players that it was a wasted opportunity and because Mercy has low damage on her Caduceus Blaster, it’s really not worth it.

There you have it – hope you enjoyed. Let me know if you have any tips that I may have missed out on.

And to my fellow Overwatch players, I hope you are enjoying the Anniversary Event as much as I am.

Until next time, take care!

My set up for Ana


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