Modes in Tekken 7


The Tekken series is known for it large quantity of different modes as time goes on (Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the Wii U had so many), so here’s what to expect when you finally get to load up.

Story Mode


The pinnacle of Tekken 7 (or at least, in my eyes, the bit I’m most looking forward to) that promises the conclusion of the Mishima Family Saga (I very highly doubt it though). Here, you see the story from the very beginning (before Tekken) through the eyes of a stranger who began investigating the Mishimas very early on. However, you will be playing as different characters in different situations at different times. Many of the scenarios will be standard Tekken side-on fighting scenes, along with a few quick-time events and use of weapons, such as guns.

It is split into 2 – so the other half will have character specific chapters to complete.

Arcade Mode


The standard offline mode that allows you to fight against computer-controlled opponents and make your way up through the ranks, such as Kyu, Dan, etc., etc.

Ranked Match


This allows you to fight against other players around the world who have similar abilities to yourself. It’s based on skill, so you better be confident! Or you can just choose your opponent, you know? (You actually can now).

Tournament Mode


This is new – this allows 8 players to ‘duke it out’ in a tournament styled game. Once one player is victorious, they advance further to see who is the best fighter. But don’t worry if you lose – there will also be Loser Finals so everyone can be categorized based on their performances. The Big Prize is in-game money and the chance to boast your skills.

Lobbies are password locked and allow players to chat to eachother.

Versus Mode


Self-explanatory – you can fight against friends and other players to see who is the best.

Practice Mode

hqdefault (3)

This is where you go if you’re new to Tekken or a little bit rusty – pick a character and learn the moves list. You can go up against a gingerbread man-like opponent or go up against the AI.

Treasure Battle


Sadly, this is console exclusive (sorry PC users…wait, I’m getting the PC Special Editions…grrrr!!) that allows you to fight against CPU and win items that you can customize your character with (we’ll get onto that in a minute) as well as in-game fight money. However, these battles can range from normal to speed turbo battles and such. Oh, and you can face Devil Kazumi for special items.



Since Tekken 5, this has allowed players to change anything they wish in regards to a character’s appearance. In the past, they were themed but as time went on, more and more items where up for grabs – you can even make Yoshimistu look like a hammerhead shark. For real.

Items can be bought and even the gauges used to measure life during battle can be made to look pretty (this is new too). There’s also a lottery system that is also used as a crafting system to get items too.

Jukebox Mode


This is PS4-only that allows you to change tunes from a selection of previous games scores (similar to TTT2‘s Tekken Tunes mode).



Similar to Jukebox Mode, this allows you to view any video – such as endings – from previous Tekken games. I may as well have not played the numerous games in the series for the past 10 years! Well, maybe not – there’s some extra stuff in there too (I saw a couple of anime-like scenes, so who knows).

Things to remember:

  • I’ve you’ve pre-ordered, you will receive Tekken Revolutions exclusive character Eliza.
  • If you have the Season Pass, you will have access to 2 more characters being released post launch date.
  • Rage Mode (introduced in Tekken 6) is still around, but not quite as effective – you no longer to extra damage on lower health but it does allow better access to Rage Arts.
  • Rage Arts (not to be confused with Super Moves, but they basically are) are an animation which allows the character to perform a special combo that can alter the entire game
  • There is a new feature called Power Crushers – these allow players to absorb more damage but vulnerable to other attacks, such as low attacks and throws.
  • There are a LOT of items – Idolmaster have designed outfits for female characters, along with swimwear making a return as well as other items
  • Gold Rush may have been removed (sad face)

There we have it – now only less than a week away until Tekken 7! There will be no Tekken 7 article next week as I’m at London MCM this weekend so you’ll get a review of that instead but I will be playing Tekken 7 on my YouTube Channel. I’m hoping to cover Story Mode as a usual video series then stream other modes such as Arcade Mode and Online Tournaments. And when I complete the game, I will be posting a review on here, so keep an eye out!

In the mean time, enjoy these videos:

  • Here is a link to a Japanese-spoken video that shows off a lot of the modes
  • Here‘s a link to GameSpot’s quick playthrough of a few chapters from Story Mode (some spoilers, so watch out)
  • Watch Tekken‘s latest video of the Opening Cinematic here.

Enjoy, and see you next week! Take care!


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