Stages in Tekken 7

OK, so we know when, who and what…but do we know where?

Yes, you we do – so far, 20 stages have been confirmed for Tekken 7 but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of more being added. Granted, neither Namco or Harada have confirmed that Tekken 7 will more more stages to the games (and 20 is a lot), with DLC and a Season Pass who knows – Tekken may do a Overwatch on us.

Now, if you’re a Tekken vet like myself, you may recognise a few of these places. And I thought only Nintendo recycled their content (just kidding, I love Namco and Tekken Project really). And carrying on with the tradition of stages in Tekken 6, these stages will also contain breakable walls, multiple floors and stuff going on in the background.

Here’s the list:

  • Arctic Snowfall 
  • Devil’s Pit
  • Dragon’s Nest
  • Forgotten Realm
  • Jungle Outpost
  • Mishima Dojo
  • Souq
  • Twilight Conflict
  • Abandoned Temple
  • Mishima Building
  • Duomo Di Sirio
  • Kinder Gym
  • Precipice of Fate
  • G Corporation Helipad (both day and night segments separated into two different stages)
  • Arena 
  • Violet Systems
  • Geometric Plane
  • Infinite Azure
  • Brimstone and Fire

Sadly I don’t think we’ll be getting any stages like the Snoop Dogg Stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but we’ve also got the Story Mode to explore.




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