My Top Five Tips When Playing Soldier: 76 in Overwatch


Soldier: 76 (AKA Jack Morrison) is an Offensive hero and is probably one of the easiest to master, due to his one star rating but also because he is your typical FPS character – just maybe with a bit more added oomphf.


When playing the game for the first time, you actually get to use Soldier: 76 as your starter character.


Tip #1 –  Run, Run as Fast as You Can!


Quite a few characters are known for their lack of speed (Mercy, I’m looking at you), but Soldier: 76 does have a sprinting ability. Now, usually with video games such as Legend of Zelda titles, there is a certain amount of stamina to sprint so you can’t do it for very long (usually you’re playing Breath of the Wild – complete game changer). But, get this – Soldier’s sprint never runs out (haha, see what I did there?). Soldier can sprint anywhere, anytime on any surface (apart from the large rocks in Watchpoint: Gibraltar – trust me, I tried).

This makes Soldier great for backing up and support low-health teammates. It’s also good for reaching places faster – such as a point being taken or a payload reaching a point – so I suggest using it whenever you travel as Solider, especially at the start and when you respawn.

Tip #2 – Pinpoint Accuracy


 Soldier: 76 is a very precise shot, but he’s more precise when he begins firing as opposed to half way through your shots (the Heavy Pulse Rifle has 25 ammo). This means head shots are easier to get once you have a target but is more useful during mid-to-long-range  battles as the rifle can ‘reset’ itself if the player waits between trigger pulls. The Heavy Pulse Rifle is able to headshot, so bear that in mind.

Tip #3 – Rockets are Awesome!


Soldier’s secondary fire of his Heavy Pulse Rifle is a cluster of Helix Rockets which deal a heavy amount of damage. It does do more damage when directly fired, but at the cost of making a precise shot.

While they are powerful, they should not be used on Tanks – I’ve made this mistake many times against D.Va, who can easily deflect the rockets using her Defence Matrix. Instead, they can be used as an automatic finisher – whittle an enemy down to low health using the primary fire of the Rifle, then the Helix Rockets to completely kill them.

The Helix Rockets are easier to fire at the ground because – if timed right – can launch an enemy airborne if aimed at their feet. This is particularly useful against fast opponents such as Lucio or Genji. It also does not rely on ammo, i.e. if you finish all 25 shots on primary fire, you can still use the rockets before reloading.

Tip #4 – I Need Healing


Soldier is a bit of an all-rounder – he can be a sniper with precise shots, a leader due to his speed, a flanker (also due to his speed) and even a one-shot healer. And his Biotic Field doesn’t just heal himself – it heals others in the circle (unless it’s an enemy, then it has no effect).  This can be useful not only for healing weakened teammates, but also under cover – if you can find a good place to fire from with cover to duck behind, you can use it to your advantage without the enemy seeing that you are healing.

After being dealt a serious blow as a team – such as Junkrat’s Rip-Tire ult – the Biotic Field can be placed on the payload during escort missions, meaning it can heal in a large radius while on the move. This will encourage teammates to stay close and group up as a team.

Tip #5 – Aimbot Activated


Soldier 76’s ultimate is the Tactical Visor – essentially, if you’re in his vision when he activates it, you’re dead. Many players complain how boring this ult is, but it is actually very useful.

The Tactical Visor targets low-health enemies first as well as healers. The Visor is not wasted on Tanks, so never use it in a one-on-one against one. Soldier’s reload time is pretty quick (1.5 seconds) but it is even quicker with the ultimate, making it faster to kill enemies in its duration (which is only around 6 seconds).

The Tactical Visor is good at bringing down harder enemies, such as Pharah or Tracer, however you have to be careful of fast-moving characters, such as Lucio or Genji, as it may not kill them in time.

There you have it – hope you enjoyed!

My Overwatch Character Guides while be on hold as of next week because it’s one month until Tekken 7 is released, so I’m going to be using that time as Tekken Month before it releases (a review may be a while afterwards).

I’ll be back with a Ana Character Guide on  9th June. Until then, take care and tune in for some Tekken 7 action!

My set up for Soldier: 76


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