My Top 5 Tips When Playing Genji in Overwatch


Genji is probably the hardest Overwatch character to master with his 3-star difficulty but is definitely the most beneficial. He is an Offense hero – which if you go by the Oxford Dictionary – has one definition of “annoyance or resentment brought about by a perceived insult to or disregard for oneself.” Yep, that sums him up.


Just kidding – it just means Genji is good at attacking, especially if he is on the attacking team (rather than defence) to unlock points and such.


Tip #1 – Be a Lone Wolf…Not a Lone Sparrow


Very similarly to Mei, Genji is very good in 1 vs 1 battles (he’s a very good counter against Bastion) by supporting his team from afar but being able to pick off stray enemies with his primary weapon, his shurikens. Because they don’t make the most damage, they are better for direct, singular kills.

Genji is good at distracting opponents, meaning (if your team is coordinated), the player can lead an enemy player to a stronger attacker, such as a Tank to finish the job. Or can be on the outskirts of the objective to distract enemies so the rest of the team can swarm the point.

Equally, if you do play Genji, it is good idea to focus mainly on support characters, especially at the beginning and ending of matches.

Tip #2 – You can Maximize More Damage


As I stated previously, Genji does not have the most damage output, however there is still a way to get the best out of Genji using his many weapons. Just follow this combo:

Shurikens, Swift Stroke, Fan Blades, then Melee.

Killing enemies with the Swift Stoke means it charges faster, meaning Genji to move onto another target or retreat from battle if you are successful.

Tip #3 – Now You See Me, Now You Don’t!


Genji is one of the top (if not the) most agile characters of Overwatch, thanks to his cyborg mechanics. He can leap, climb walls (much like his brother Hanzo), double jump and dash (using the Swift Stroke). This allows Genji to speed in and out of fights to places that enemies cannot reach him as Swift Stroke is not affected by gravity (but the double jump is. You often see a lot of Genjis jumping off building in skirmish or the beginning of matches). He can also throw off enemies’ sights, which is good against Widowmaker or Hanzo.

Genji’s speed is a good counter against Torbjorn’s Turrents – even with the lock on sight. But it will take a while to destroy one, so be mindful of health.

Tip #4 – A Steady Deflect Balances the Soul


Genji’s Deflect is very similar to D.Va’s Defence Matrix in the way that it’s not just a way to block projectiles – it is also a way to deflect an enemies damage onto themselves. This is very useful against low health enemy or priority targets, such as Support or enemies capturing a point.

It is worth noting that not all projectiles can be deflected – such as Ultimates that have projectiles – but Ana’s Sleep Dart can, meaning you can earn the Ana Naptime achievement without having to play her.

Tip #5 – The Dragon Becomes Me!


Genji’s Ultimate is one of my favourites, because you finally get to use that cool-ass katana strapped to his back. Time for slicing and dicing!

Dragonblade is not good to use for 1 vs 1 battles – even if you are backed up into a corner – despite Genji being good as a loner. Granted, you will be able to cut down your opponent or get them down to a low amount of health, however it will be wasted, especially if the rest of the enemy team are far away.

Much like many uses of Ultimate, Genji’s Ultimate is good to use with other teammate’s ones, but here are the following Dragonblade goes really well with:

  • Graviton Surge (Zarya)
  • Blizzard (Mei)
  • Nano Boost (Ana)
  • Earthshatter (Reinhardt)

It is good to use on a group of enemy players as you can kill more than one with just one blade swing. It’s also worth noting that Deflect and Swift Strike are still usable during the Ultimate.

There you go – if you wish to master Genji, then hopefully this has given you some tips.

The Overwatch: Uprising event has just been deployed and lasts until the 1st May, so go play it! You can unlock a very cool new Genji skin (as pictured below)!


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to like, reblog and follow. Until next time, take care!

My set up for Genji


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