My Top 5 Tips when Playing Mercy in Overwatch


Mercy AKA Angela Ziegler, is a healing/support hero that I’ve recently started playing a lot of. Granted, some people claim she is the weakest of heroes in Overwatch, but she is definitely the most beneficial. And just like her appearance, she is a true angel.


She only has a 1 star difficulty but I would say won’t master her straight away – playing time helps a lot in Mercy’s case.


Tip #1 – Only Use the Pistol When You Need to


Mercy has 2 weapons – her Caduceus Staff and her Caduceus Blaster. You’ll be using the Staff mostly but the Blaster is handy in 1 vs 1 situations. Granted, it has only 20 rounds and only does 20 damage per projectile but it can headshot and also pick off unaware enemies, such as a sniping Widowmaker or a sneaky Sombra.

Mercy is not known for her high attack plays, so don’t go charging in with the Blaster – you will die quickly once the enemy knows your position (which the Blaster doesn’t necessarily give away). It’s also good destroying the small stuff, such as Widowmaker’s Venom Mine or Symmetra’s Turrents.

Tip #2 – Healing is Good, but so is Boosting


Mercy’s Caduceus Staff has 2 abilities – the ability to heal and the ability to boost. Granted, this can only be used singly and only one person and you’ll mainly be healing everyone, but don’t forget about boosting. It boosts your teammates’ primary attack, but can be used on ults (apart from Junkrat’s RIP-Tire, or Torbjorn’s Turrent and Symmetra’s Shield Generator or Teleporter). Plan it right, and you could get a long assist kill list!

If I choose Mercy at the beginning of a match, I tend to pick one character to boost at the beginning to get those few first kills before my teammates begin to die. I often choose a sniper or a tank. Mercy’s Boosting powers are also good when you have a shield and snipe combination – such as Bastion and Reinhardt or Orisa and Widowmaker.

Tip #3 – You Don’t Need to See Your Teammates to Heal or Boost Them


That’s right – the beam emitting from Mercy’s Caduceus Staff will stay connected, even if you can’t see your teammate. This is good for hiding around corners while healing or boosting and staying out of sight of enemies as Mercy is easily picked off by snipers. This is also good with the shield-and-snipe-combination that I mentioned before.

Tip #4 – Guardian Angel isn’t Just a Title

maxresdefault (30)

One of Mercy’s other abilities is the Guardian Angel which allows her to quickly travel with a low cooldown rate.  You can only really use it when your teammates are in Mercy’s sights but it is also useful when Mercy is falling off a map or enters an area where most or all enemy players are. Much like me spamming spacebar when playing Symmetra and attacking another player, I will often spam the Guardian Angel when I’m in a tight spot.

You can still use the Guardian Angel when using the Caduceus Staff and healing/boosting a teammate – even if you hit a physical obstacle or your teammate is out of sight.

Tip #5 – Mercy’s Ult is Probably the Most Used


Mercy’s ultimate ability is Resurrect – this allows her to bring dead allies back to life with full health. However, it only works for nearby teammates and during that (around) 10 second wait to get back to the latest checkpoint.

Resurrect doesn’t work the same as Symmetra’s ult – Symmetra’s ults builds up over time rather than building up as she’s attacking/killing, meaning it takes longer to conjure up her ult. I find with Mercy, her ult charges up pretty quickly – usually within the first 3 or so minutes of the game, maybe less. If you’re like me and will run around the place healing everyone to a certain amount so they’re out of the Critical Health stage then move onto the next person rather than healing a teammate completely, THEN moving onto the next person, your ult will tick over much more quickly. This allows Mercy to use her ult much more compared to other heroes in one session – or at least, I believe so.

Despite this, you should still think carefully on how you use Mercy’s ult. When her ult is fully charged, a death counter will appear on the screen whenever a teammate dies, so pay attention to it. I often use it when 2 or more teammates are dead at one time. You should also consider what situation your team is in – if my team is attacking, I’ll often save my ult after we have reach the checkpoint before the final one just incase someone on the enemy team has saved their ult for utter devastation. It’s good to get that Huge Rez achievement for resurrecting 4 players at one time too!

Basically, you have to think carefully when using Mercy’s ult – using it on one person may be wasteful, despite Mercy’s ult may charge quicker compare to other heroes’ ults. It also depends on your enemies’ situation, as well as if your team is playing defence or attack and it depends on your situation – Mercy can’t use her ult if she’s dead, even if the rest of the team dies.

One final warning:  prepared to be spammed in chat for healing and not being thanked by your teammates.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know any Mercy tips I may have left out. Please feel free to like and follow me for weekly blogs.

Until next time, take care!

My set up for Mercy


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