WANTED: Funny Challenges for GTA V Online


So, after a friend’s suggestion, I’ve decided to make a new series on my YouTube Channel: Funny Challenges on GTA V Online.


Now, these are not going to be the freemode challenges that pop up every now and again in freeroam – these are stupid challenges set by people to have some sort of end goal. They can involve anything – shooting, driving, stealing stuff, you name it.


My first challenge will be to break into the airbase and get a jet using a tractor. And possibly a gun.

So, is there anything you’d like to see? Maybe I should try killing a mountain lion with my bare fists? Maybe I should go on a massive rampage using only a scooter? Maybe I should see how far I can get out to sea with a jet ski?


If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Don’t worry, I’ll give you full credit in the video.

Feel free to comment here or any of my other social medias:

Any suggestions are welcome! Apart from any that involve prostitutes or something weird at the strip club. Sorry to be a downer!

Thank you! Until next time, take care!

Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel tomorrow to see whether I succeed or fail in the tractor-jet challange!


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