My Top 5 Tips when Playing Mei in Overwatch

Mei is a scientist who has ice abilities with a positive and caring attitude. She’s damn cute with her over-apologising nature and compassion for others, but my god, is she annoying (I still love her though).


She’s a 3 star hero, making she is one of the most difficult to master, but once you have, players with demand Mei needs to be nerfed.


Tip #1 – Ice Wall, Coming Up!


Mei’s Ice Wall creates an obstacle for enemy players (that’s why she is a good defense hero) that is a block of ice that eventually breaks down (it doesn’t block the payload fully however – it passes straight through) after 4 and a half seconds. When it receives enough damage, individual parts of the wall will fall away, creating an opening for enemy players. However for attacking, it can disable Torbjorn’s Turrent for a short period when placed infront of it as it blocks it’s laser guidance, giving a small opportunity for teammates to advance forward without constantly being shot at.

Despite being a obstacle, it has many other uses, such as allowing Mei and her teammates to reach higher places, such as in Watchpoint: Gibraltar and Dorado when placed underneath her. This trick also allows her to escape Junkrat’s Steeltrap.

The Ice Wall can also be used as a trap itself – in a bottle neck, a Mei player can use it effectively to stop a enemy player with little life left from escaping, allowing herself or someone else to finish the job.

Tip #2 – 1v1 me, n00b


Mei is a great hero to use if you like one on one fights due to her ability to freeze opponents. However, I suggest only going against all heroes BUT Tanks. This is because Tanks have more health compared to any other class of hero and Mei’s Endothermic Blaster can only do some much damage (around 45 per second, which sounds like a lot, but most Tank heroes have health around the 300 or 400 mark). Using her Cyro-Freeze also always her to heal whenever she desires and I’ve often found that when there is a 1 on 1 battle with Mei and she heals, players will wait for her to resume their fighting (I’m also guilty of this).

Tip 3 # Headshots

maxresdefault (29)

Mei’s Endothermic Blaster has two different attacks. Her primary one allows her to freeze up enemies with a continuous blast of ice. Her secondary attack allows her to shoot a single shot of ice – which takes a little longer. Players often freeze enemies first with the projected beam then once they are frozen, they use the icicle shot to take down the opponent’s health. More often then not, Mein players can take down enemies quickly by simply freezing them then headshoting with the icicle projectile.

The icicle projectile only has a medium range but can still headshot without freezing the enemy first (it just makes it easier if you freeze them first). I highly recommend if you’re defending to find a good place to hid but still within the sights of the open door when the enemy is released as you can get a few quick headshots without the enemy expecting it. But only if you’re brave enough.

Tip #4 – Cracking the Ice


As mentioned before, Mei’s Cyro-Freeze allows her to heal herself while in a ice-capsule, meaning enemy players are unable to inflict any damage on her. You may notice that you can here the cracking of ice as she heals, with builds up as time goes on. This is more effective for enemy players, however you can dispel from the Cyro-Freeze whenever you desire, which means you can use the sound of the crack to your advantage by releasing it early and catching opponents off guard – especially if they’re waiting during a 1 v 1 battle.

It’s also worth noting that Cyro-Freeze allows Mei not to be hurt by certain abilities from other characters, such as McCree’s Deadeye and D.Va’s Self-Destruct BUT it doesn’t for others, such as Reinhardt’s Earth Shatter and Hanzo’s Dragonstrike.

Tip #5 – The More Ultimates, the Better! 

Mei’s ultimate is very cool and very good – her little robot companion Snowball  will freeze any enemy within a radius (indicated by a circle), however it is fairly slow but once an enemy is caught up in it, they will slow down and take some damage. This is a great chance for Mei and her team to easily eliminate enemy players, but I have said before, Mei does not fight well against the Tank class, so it is always good to use Mei’s Ultimate with another. I highly recommend using a Mei and Hanzo combo when most of the enemy players are frozen and clustered together, but other characters such as D.Va and Tracer are good too.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if I missed anything out or you have any tips of your own! Until next week, take care!

My set up for Mei


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