My Top 5 Tips When Playing Symmetra in Overwatch

I previously wrote an article on my tips on how to play my main hero on Overwatch, D.Va. Granted, I do play her the most but really only if my team is attacking. If I’m defending, well, that’s when I choose my secondary character – Symmetra.


Symmetra is actually a Support, but does not have the ability to heal players, unlike Mercy, Lucio, Ana and Zenyatta. But she has the ability of protecting them with her Shield Generator and defending with her Sentry Turrets.


Just a fair warning – like D.Va, she has a 2 star difficulty, so it will take more than a few games to master her.


Tip #1 – Don’t Group up Sentry Turrets


If you have more than 1 Symmetra on your team, DO NOT group all your turrets. Yes, it will kill your enemies faster, however once an enemy player spots them, they can destroy them in one go, meaning the possibility of having no turrets out on the field.

It is better to put 2 sets of turrets in different places, that way you cover more ground and can get rid of those pesky try-hards who sneak off by themselves who think the point is clear for the taking.

I will call out a player named Dragon who I played with not to long ago on the Eichenwalde map who called me an ‘idiot’ for not placing my turrets with theirs (they were also playing Symmetra) – I managed to kill a sneaky Hanzo player who decided to kite us around the back to unlock the payload because I had placed my turrets closer to the defense point.

Tip #2 – The Photon Projector has More than One Shot

I love Symmetra’s main weapon mainly because it produces a beam that latches onto enemies and deals more damage the longer they are attached to them, making it a fast death.

I think a few players forget that Symmetra also has a charged shot that shoots a energy ball. This is good to shoot from a far distance as it deals a good amount of damage. It’s also worth noting that the energy ball can pass through barriers, such as Reinhardt’s Shield.

Just remember – the beam is good at close range and one-on-one fights but the energy ball is good at a fair distance on a group of players or even a stationary player like snipers (or lagged out players).

Tip #3 – Jump Around!


As mentioned in the previous tip, Symmetra’s Photon Projector fires a continuous beam that latches onto enemies and can wipe them out within a matter of seconds from the damage it deals. However, it is a good idea that once the beam is connected to an enemy player, you need to jump around. It is difficult to do so while keeping the connection alive, but to helps against Symmetra’s counter-parts like Hanzo and Widowmaker who take time to set up a good shot that deals some good damage.

I’ve never spammed my space bar more than ever when I play as Symmetra, unless I play as D.Va when the MEKA is destroyed.

Tip #4 – The Shield Generator Ultimate is Better than the Teleporter

I agree that the Teleporter is useful – maybe not at the beginning of matches where your team is attacking because the spawn point after you die is not very far. I only really tend to use it when the payload is close to reaching the final checkpoint or another Symmetra has already put a Shield Generator down.

In fact, when  defending, Symmetra’s Teleporter overall effectiveness is reduced when defending, and reduced further the more the opposite team takes checkpoints. Then, and you also have to be aware of where you place it as the exit point faces Symmetra when she places it so watch out for walls, otherwise your fellow teammates could get stuck!

Tip #5 – The Photon Barrier is Good for Attacking and Defending 


Despite being a barrier, it does do some hefty damage.But what’s truly great about the barrier is that it does not reset after an enemies death, meaning you can rake up those chain kills and possibly get a POTG without the use of turrets.

It’s also good for pushing forward towards an objective, but really only as a full team.

When defending, it’s to use in a bottle-neck area, but make sure you get the angle right – it does travel in a straight line, meaning if it titles upwards, it will travel up into the air. Then again, it is good at an angel if an enemy player is using height to their advantage, such as Pharah.

There you have it, my top tips for playing Symmetra! Let me know if you have any top tips that I’ve missed out on.

I’ll probably continue these character guides for all heroes – it’s pretty fun! Especially now we have our 24th hero, Orisa.

Until next time, take care!

My layout for Symmetra 


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