My Horse Prince Review

Incase you didn’t know – there’s a dating simulator where you can fall in love with a human-faced horse.


He’s not devilish at all.

Yep, you read that right – A HUMAN-FACED HORSE.


I wouldn’t he’s that hot.

Can you guess who developed this game? That’s right – a Japanese company called USAYA.


I don’t really understand any of the other game titles, but yay, free games!

Thanks Japan.


Not be taken seriously. I’m sort there’s worse out there in different countries.

So naturally – because I’m a level-headed human being who doesn’t like prejudice – I’ve played the game. Well, OK I’ve completed all the chapters apart from the last one – Chapter X, The Endless Circle. The reason being is in the title – it’s endless. I think there may be an end in sight though – I’ll edit this entry if there is.


There’s even a little photo album – how cute!

Now, I could find much information about USAYA, apart from being a mobile gaming company who has a few games on the go and they’re all free – apart from in-game purchases, which are optional.


It’s definitely a rice ball and a bunny face.

You play as Umako (you can change her name) who is a hard working business woman but bored with the world due to her hard work. She decides to quit her job and visit a ranch – hoping to meet a few hot dudes in the process. She comes across one called Yuuma, but there’s a catch – he’s a horse. The owner of the ranch – Ojisan – explains that they reason why she can see a human face is because she was born in the year of the horse. Yes, really.


Somehow, I’m not a big believer in Chinese Zodiac signs.

Somehow, Ojisan and Yuuma convince Umako to become Yuuma’s owner and trains him into becoming a race horse. Over the or so chapters, Umako, Yuuma and Ojisan find themselves in different situations – from running on treadmills to smashing boulders on his back to playing a concert. As the main singer and guitarist.


I’m guessing all his fans were born in the Year of the Horse too.

Honestly, this game is super strange – even for me. The ‘methods’ they use to ‘help’ Yuuma ‘train’ are especially weird – after playing the first five minutes of the game, I was tempted to put it down and never pick up again, but something about it was oddly charming. That, and I had a near two hour train journey ahead of me.


I love the way Ojisan is drawn – I really love the art in this game as it’s all wonderfully. Then you have a crappy mess who plays the comedy role.

The ‘gameplay’ is simple – things will fall from the sky, such as carrots, treadmills, spring onions, etc., etc. that will help increase your bond with Yuuma (at the top of the screen). However, each item takes two percent of Yuuma’s overall stamina and when it reaches zero, it’s game over. You can recover his stamina by talking to him – he’ll simply ask you a question or give you a statement and you have three answers to choose from. They range from ‘bad’ – taking away fifteen percent of Yuuma’s stamina (it is recoverable by watching an ad) – to ‘good’ – giving you an increase of fifteen percent – to ‘excellent’, which gives you thirty percent. You also get the option of watching another ad to get a fourth talk. The higher Yuuma’s percentage, the larger the score, making it quicker to complete the level (scores range from a hundred to forty, depending on Yuuma’s energy levels). Each talk takes roughly half an hour to recover (so it’ll take an hour and a half to recover all three). Once you fill the bar, your bond with Yuuma will grow stronger and give you a little photo cut scene.

Left: the screen you’re going to see the most of – the ‘gameplay’ screen where items drop from the sky. Right: one of the photo cut scenes that can be saved into the album.

This game is very forgiving – it is simple try-and-error because no matter how many questions you answer badly, you can always watch a short ad (mine have been no longer than thirty seconds, but I don’t know if it changes depending on where you’re playing from) to reverse time and pick a different answer. After that, it’s a memory game (especially in Chapter X where you’re asked a lot of the same questions from before. I’m current replaying it for the seventh time). All you have to do is tap things – nothing else.


The answers also shuffle around, so don’t try to remember which answer belongs to which letter.

As a huge romantic, I love dating simualtors and their stories (I’m also currently playing Shadow Ninja/Shall We Date?, which I highly recommend) but My Horse Prince can be confusing at times. For instance, one the questions you get asked by Yuuma is if they go and be alone for a while. One of the answers was for a date, so I chose that one because, well you know, it’s a romantic game. Only, it was the ‘bad’ answer as Yuuma wanted time alone so they have some extra training. On the other hand, Yuuma also asks a question about other dudes picking girls up, so I replied ‘I like guys like that’ to which Yumma told me off (this is the ‘very good’ answer) so he didn’t me to choose anyone else but him. Pretty confusing, right?


Ryouma is Yuuma’s ‘rival’ who only appears for two chapters and then never mentioned again.

Another problem I had was the main character herself – in the first few chapters, she spoke of how she was planning to return Yuuma, but never got round to it. Granted, I know this means that there would be no story, but carries on for quite some time, which is kind of annoying. I also find her to be quite sarcastic and mean – in Chapter X, one of the pieces of dialogue that goes on between Umako and Ojisan while Yuuma is training is that Ojisan sent off a message on a balloon so someone may be able to save them (this is the endless circle chapter), to which she replies “Oh yes…I’m sure someone will come soon”. I get it – his idea was bad, but really? Argh.

I did also encounter some glitches through the game, as you can see.

This game is weird – I think that’s one thing we can all agree upon. It’s a simple game (you can usually complete one chapter in a day if you’re like me and relentless on completing games) that is oddly enjoyable. Granted, I wouldn’t put it up there with my favourite mobile games, but I’m still playing it three weeks later and determined to get through this endless chapter and hopefully complete it.


The aim of the game.

Oh, and don’t believe the Turn Back Time Fairy – he doesn’t give you any items.


I also have to deal with this guy at the end of Chapter X. He’s equally as weird as Yuuma.

Despite how weird it is and everything, I am enjoying it and recommend it, but only if you look past the weirdness of it. I hate to say it, but I’ve actually seen weirder stuff than this.


  • This game is available on the iOS and Googleplay store for free!

Thanks for reading – hope you enjoyed! Please let me know if you’ve played this game too – I’d love to know other people’s reactions, especially if they’re not used to weird anime-like Japanese dating sims. Feel free to like, comment and follow. Until next week, take care!


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