My Top 5 Tips when Playing D.Va in Overwatch

From the articles and videos on my YouTube channel I have of Overwatch, this article should come as no surprise.

My favourite character is D.Va AKA Hana Song – the Korean gamer girl with a MEKA unit in the Tank class. In games similar to Overwatch, I always play as Tanks – I like to beat my enemy players to a pulp, even if power comes at a price of speed or agility. So D.Va is a perfect choice for me – her MEKA does a hell of a lot of damage, but you get an extra life when it is destroyed. Oh, and how could I forget the amazing game references and D.Va’s overall competitive personality. Yeah, she’s my Overwatch bae.


But just because she’s my favourite and I’ve played her the most, does not mean I am an expert. Granted, I’ve gotten quite a few Play of Games as D.Va, but if you’re a Overwatch player, you know that POG can be a bit…dodgy, to say the least.


So, here’s 5 tips I think people need to remember when playing D.Va and aim for that new high score.


Tip #1 – You Can Headshot with the Fusion Cannons


The Fusion Cannons are the MEKA’s primary weapon – twin, short-range, rotating cannons that can fire 7 rounds per second. Granted, they’re not quite as fast as Bastion’s Sentry gun (30 rounds per second) but it is just as precise, meaning that a headshot is probable, but hard to acquire. Headshots mean your opponents are killed faster, meaning you have more room to do more damage or more time to get to the point.

Tip #2 – D.Va make be a Tank, but She has some Defense too


Another one of D.Va’s abilities is her Defense Matrix. It only lasts for around  4 seconds but it brings up a target range that you can use so D.Va can shoot incoming projectiles, such as Pharah’s  Barrage ultimate or Ana’s sleeping darts.A good time to use it is when are surrounded by enemies but just about to get the ultimate ability of Self Destruct – earning you a bit of time before wiping everyone out. It’s also worth noting that the Defense Matrix is also good against Symmetra’s charged shots.

Tip #3 – D.Va Basically has Two Lives


As I touched upon a while ago, D.Va does not die once her MEKA is destroyed – she is equipped with the Light Gun once it is and run around, picking people off. The MEKA itself has 600 health, so it is difficult to destroy but once it is, it takes a while for D.Va to recall another one, so it is worth destorying the MEKA then D.Va herself before she can. D.Va has only 150 health without the MEKA but now has the ability to couch and jump to evade.

Tip #4 – Use the Boost, then the Self Destruct Sequence


The Boosters are pretty handy when D.Va is in a tight spot and needs to run away (which is something that D.Va should not be afraid to do, otherwise the MEKA goes boom and she’s not as powerful as she used to be). The Boost is good to help get a precis location for the Self Destruct – I usually Boost into the enemy team (there is no point in wasting it on just 1 or 2 players) and set off the Self Destruct while it’s travelling – it’s harder to shoot down a moving target, right?

Tip #5 – D.Va is Good to Team Up with


Despite many of her voicelines and monologues pointing her to being a single player, D.Va is remarkably good at covering other players. She teams up well with Reinhardt behind his Barrier field, Bastion and his Sentry and Sombra and her Machine Pistol. Never go in alone! Unless you have her Ultimate ready…

And there we have, a rough guide to playing Overwatch with D.Va. It’s also worth mentioning that D.Va has a 2 star difficulty, so master her well and you’ll see a rapid increase to your Overwatch playing ability.

I hope you enjoyed this! Want more character guides? Let me know as I play quite a few characters. Until next time, take care!


This is my current set up for D.Va


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