Recap of my Social Media

Hey guys, sorry this isn’t a ‘proper’ article but I just thought I would round up what social medias I have because I actually have quite a few (not as many in the cover photo though) along with WordPress. Here they are:

I have a YouTube channel which I update once a week, unless I’m ill or away. My videos mainly consist of vlogs, let’s plays (Overwatch, DOOM, oneshots are to name a few) and unboxings.

I have a Twitch page. Lately, I haven’t been doing much livestreaming, but I’m hoping to get back into it soon!

I have Twitter which I update randomly. It’s mainly retweeted stuff and links to other things on my social medias.

I have a Facebook page which, like Twitter, I update randomly – apart from when I upload these articles and my videos on YouTube. You’ll also find my reactions to game trailers and gaming/movie/TV/anime news.

I have a Instagram account. Again, I upload on there randomly but as of today, I will be posting pictures in relation to my blog (uploaded every Saturday) and my YouTube channel (uploaded every Sunday) with links. But you do get to see some of awesome geeky stuff I have!

I recently joined Patreon. This means people can support me (if they desire to) in hopes of making Gamer_Angel bigger and reach more people so I give pout rewards and extra content. I’m starting with $1 a month so if you wish to support me that way, I would be very grateful.

Tumblr and Reddit are coming soon…hopefully.

I’m also thinking about doing a podcast. Have any tips on where and how I should do it? Let me know!

Thank you so much to all the amazing people who have supported me thus far – it’s been a crazy journey, and I hope it gets much crazier!

I’m off to London Anime & Gaming Con next week but you’ll still have an article and video at the weekend. Until then, take care!


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