Nintendo Switch

Friday 13th may be unlucky for some, but not for fellow Nintendo fans – we finally got the release date, a list of games and some extra details – at the Nintendo Switch presentation. Here, I’ll summarise the most important things.

  • You can watch the full presentation here
  • You can also what the Nintendo Treehouse Livestream that looked at a lot of the Nintendo Switch stuff here

The Console

Nintendo first unveiled the Switch console – then named NX – on the 20th October with this trailer. It showed off it’s many abilities – being able to be played on a TV, being able to be played as a handheld console, being able to have 2 controllers detached from the console and being able to support 4 players on 1 console with the tiniest controllers I have ever seen. Oh, and that the console by be opted for using in eSports.


Essentially, the console is very portable. You can play it through a TV screen, most like very home entertainment system. However, you have the ability to take a smaller screen from the dock and take it with you – it doesn’t have to within meters of the console itself as you can travel with it (the advert shows a guy walking his dog and another guy playing it on the plane, so that’s what I’m assuming). Better yet – if you’re playing on a TV but need to transfer it the smaller, portable screen, you’ll pick off exactly where you left off.

Now, let’s talk about the controllers – Joy-Con as they’re known. They can attach to the sides of the smaller screen, fairly similar to the layout of the Wii U touchscreen. The Joy-Con includes the four Nintendo buttons – X, A, B and Y – along with a home button and a analogue stick. They can be used vertical or horizontally with L and R trigger buttons on the top. Much like the Wii Remotes, they have a accelermeter – meaning it can track the movement of the controller – and includes a ‘HD Rumble’ – it basically gives you feedback via vibrations. The controllers also have Amiibo readrers, so they can used on more than the Wii U & 3DS. 2 Joy-Cons come with the console.


Of course, there are add-on items, such as a wheel attachment for the controllers, but fetch for a hefty price – a L or R (left or right) Joy-Cons by itself can cost $49.99 (around £40).

There’s also some sweet Legend of Zelda and Mario accessories too!


The console will be released on 3rd March later this year worldwide for $300 (£289 for the UK). There are a few variants of the console too – Jet Black, Red, Blue or a mix-match of red and blue.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the Switch’s Launch Title

Yes, the new open world Zelda game WILL be the launch title! What does that mean? Well, Nintendo will basically be advertising Breath of the Wild heavily – both with and without the console – but, most importantly – it will be released on the same day as the console. In summary, 3rd March is the most important day if you want this console.


With the Switch presentation, they revealed a new trailer (which showed off Zelda and her new outfit) and special editions of the game. You’ll have the standard edition (just simply, the game by itself); the Special Edition will include a carry case for the console, a map, a coin and the soundtrack. The Master Edition will include the same things as the Special Edition, but will have one extra goodie – a Master Sword figure with a cool box (see the trailer for it here). As you can imagine, the Master Edition is pretty costly – $129. 99 (£110 in the UK, give or take).

Amiibos will also be released on the same day, which inlcude 2 Link ones, Zelda, a Bokoblin and a Guardian.

Don’t fret if you’re like me and can’t afford to the Switch on launch day but really want to play Breath of the Wild – it is being released on the Wii U on the same day. However, as far as I can tell, they will be not special editions for the Wii U.


But you can buy it on the Nintendo Store for the Switch – you’ll get a free t-shirt!


I’ve written extensively on Breath of Wild, but I have gathered a little bit more information. There will be a crafting system along with stats for horses and a stable to keep them in. Oh yeah, they can also die.


Game List


As expected with a Nintendo Console, there is a large list of games that will be released on the new system (I’ve included trailers/demos with them). They are as followed:

And there you have it. I’m pretty excited about the Nintendo Switch ever since the trailer for it, so I’m definitively gonna have save up. Let me know what you’re pretty excited for with the Switch – could be Mario walking alongside humans? Could be the re-release of Mario Kart 8 with Inklings from Splatoon? Or maybe even the (unofficial) sequel to Wii Party Games and More Wii Party Games, 1-2-Switch?

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Feel free to drop a comment, favourite or even a follow – it would be much appreciated! Until next week, take care!


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