I Wrote a Book!

OK, so the title is a bit of a lie – I, by myself, did not write a book. Myself and many other people banded together to help a guy called Monokoma. Mono had the idea of writing a book on cancelled games – some that were playable at some point – on pretty much every console.

Mono is a part of the Unseen 64 – an archive of screen shots, trailers, articles, interviews – any kind of media – of prototype games. It’s kept all on one website, but Mono wanted to expand it further and knew he couldn’t do it on his own. So, he reached out across the internet for anyone who was willing and wanting to help.

This is when I step in – I had graduated from uni and trying to experience so I could eventually land my dream job of being a video game journalist. One of my friends notice the ‘ad’ Mono had made and linked it to me. I emailed Unseen 64 the next day, and within 24 hours, we had gotten to know eachother better, talked about expectations and finally got a test article together. This was late last year and managed to write a few articles, along with some intros and help with some proofreading.

After many, many months the book is finally put together and available to the public!

If you’re interested in gaming – especially games that were never released – please consider looking at this book. Many of us worked so hard on it, especially Mono – his blood, sweat and tears are practically in the pages!

Click here for the Unseen 64 website or click here for the article that has links for buying Video Games You Will Never Play in most countries.

Please let me know if you enjoy the book should you decide to take a look at it – thank you if you have!


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