Wondered what it is Like Being a Medieval King?


Have you ever wanted to sit in a throne, be in charge in a large kingdom and possible execute your fellow peasants? Maybe even rescue a damsel to be a queen by your side? Well, with Reigns, you can.


In a Tinder-styled indie game, you play as a king who must balance 4 things to make your your kingdom runs as smoothly as possible – religion, the people, your army and of course, money. You are imposed with situations that give you two decisions, so swipe left or right! But choose wisely as your decisions will affect your reign (see what I did there?)


This situations contain anything – from building churches to appease religion to a random dog walking into your throne room. And every decision will affect one aspect or all four. And if one of your factors reaches 0, it’s game over. Your reign could end with exile or even your death.


This game seems never ending in which you can earn certain achievements, such as a 10 year reign or never having to use your army. And don’t worry if get a game over – you can continue your reign as the next king!


This game may seem simple but every reign is different and with each decision you make, it can change the game in a very drastic turn! And of course, it’s high playability, I never thought this was a game I would play continuously on end!


Reigns is available on iOS and PC.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Take care until next time!



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