10 Reason Why I Didn’t Enjoy Season 6 of Game of Thrones


It probably won’t surprising that I enjoy the TV programme Game of Thrones and yes, I haven’t read the books. I glanced at A Song of Ice and Fire briefly in WHSmiths but that was it. So naturally, I was excited for season 6 – especially after the final episode of season 5 (almost as good as The Red Wedding…almost). But I won’t lie and say that I didn’t have my suspicions that season 6 wouldn’t be able to follow the end of season 5, mainly because there are no more books written by George R R Martin. Sadly, my suspicions were true…to a certain extend. I enjoyed some of season 6, but not all of it. So, in no particular order, let’s have a look at 10 reason why I didn’t really enjoy it all that much. Warning for spoilers, yeah?

#1 – Sansa Sucked


Sansa has to be one of my favourite characters for 2 simple reasons – bad shit happens to her yet she always manages to get her revenge, take Joffrey for example and then what happened to Ramsay in this season. But at the beginning of the season (mainly the first episode, The Red Woman), Sansa actually annoyed me like she did at the beginning of season 1. For me, it was the scene where Sansa and Theon are escaping Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton and the dogs catch up to them. Theon tells Sansa to carry on without him, but what happens? She hides in a fallen tree and is found anyway. Argh. Give me a girl who’s not afraid to beat a dog skull in with a rock any day.

#2 – Season 6 Gave Away a Lot of Past Season’s Secrets


We finally found out who Lord Varys’ little birds were, along with the origins of White Walkers (which I thought was pretty rubbish) and who Melisandre really was. I think they could have be gradual things not be revealed in the season that has no book plotline.

#3 – Everyone’s Problems from the Last Episode of Season 5 were Dealt with Easily


Sansa and Theon survived the wall jump. Arya regained her sight after being given a second chance. Jon was brought back. Daenerys was sent to a widower’s camp before killing everyone with fire. Ellaria had her nephew and brother-in-law killed to take over Dawn. Margaery was never sentenced because of Tommen. The list goes on.

#4 – The Hound Made a Small Return


Turns out the character I hate the most (even more than Joffrey or Ramsay) was still alive and breathing. Even better, he was ‘trying to do good’, even when all the villagers he was with were killed and he wanted revenge. Thank goodness it was only 2 episodes.

#5 – Brienne and Tormund?


I only have one thing to say – Brie and Jamie forever!

#6 – Cersei Wasn’t a Bitch


I have two feelings towards GOT characters – I either really love them, or I really loath them. Cersei falls into the loathe category but for this season, I don’t think I hated her once. In fact, I actually felt sorry for her on many occasions – like the fact she couldn’t attend Myrcella’s funeral but also Tommen’s death. And a part of me is kinda glad she’s taken the Iron Throne. Have I been drinking wine again?

#7 – Suddenly Everyone has a Brother!


Theon’s uncle – who has never been mentioned before – suddenly pops out of nowhere and kills his brother. Bran’s uncle (who we have seen before) comes along to save him just in time but cannot help him get to Jon and Sansa in Winterfell. Weird.

#8 – Jon Snow


He should have stayed dead. He could have come back as a White Walker – even though apparently they were created from inserting a shard of dragonglass into them, yet that is the only weapon people can use against them alongside fire. And dead people who don’t have a piece of dragonglass shoved into them somehow come back as White Walkers. But whatever – his hair annoyed me to. This is medieval times – the man bun was not invented then!

Part of me is glad he’s back though.

#9 – The Language


Is it just me, or was the language used much more modernized? (I can think of one example but it’s pretty rude, so I won’t mention it). Again, this is medieval times back when dragons existed!

#10 – The Deaths


A lot of favourites and main characters were killed in this season, including Hodor, Lady Margaery alongside her brother and father, the High Sparrow (at long last), Rickon Stark and of course, Lord Frey (also at long last). RIP (some of you, at least should).

There we have it! Of course, this list does not reflect on my entire opinion of S6 of GOT – I did enjoy the series but it was very evident – to me at least – that this season was not based on one of the books, which kinda ruined it for me. But I am looking forward to season 7, despite it’s rumoured delay. But this is something different – please let me know what you thought! If I feel it’s been liked enough, maybe I’ll do a 10 Reasons Why I liked Season 6 of Game of Thrones, or something similar.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed! Take care until next week!


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