Does Anyone Remember this…’Game’?


In light of one of my favourite YouTubers Caddicarus celebrating half a million subscribers last week, he made a video of him playing 66 games on the Net Yaroze – a development software create for the PlayStation 1. It was released on a rare black version of the console in 1997 (3 years after the original PS1 was released in Japan). A lot of equipment is require it use it (one of them being a PC hard drive of 10 MB – ouch) but it allowed wannabe game developers to show of their skills and share it across the world. Some games were pretty successful and went on to become fully developed games, such as Time Slip.


Fun Fact: One of the system’s developers, Mitsuru Kamiyama, actually went on to become the director of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series and there’s even a demo (of sorts) for Final Fantasy VII on Net Yaroze.


While watching Caddy’s video, I was surprised to see Rocks ‘N’ Gems on there. Way back when my dad bought his first PS1 console, he also received a demo disc (much like I did when I bought my PS2 console). I remembering playing quite a fair bit, including Disney’s Hercules, the medieval level in Crash Bandicoot Warped and Tekken 2, among many others. But one of the demos I put the most time into was a game called Rocks ‘N’ Gems.

hqdefault (1)

It was a simple game – you played a small man navigating through a maze of falling boulders to find all the gems. As a puzzle solving game, you had to think about your next move in order to get the gems, otherwise you get crushed (or self-combust judging from the death animation). Needless to say, I put a lot of time into the demo that frustrated me to no end sometimes, but I enjoyed it. It was a game were I could sit back and figure out my next move that could not result in my death under a time limit. But it was extremely satisfying making a plan and executing it perfectly. I think the furthest I got was level 5 and I believe you could also start using a limited amount of dynamite.

hqdefault (2)

I just thought I would bring up a little piece of my gamer childhood and seeing it again for so long. Rocks ‘N’ Gems was an addictive little demo, and I wish it had be developed further. There is a emulator but it is expensive and requires a lot from a CPU. But who knows, maybe I’ll make a video on it.


But does anyone else remember it? Or a different demo that they played that has been stuck with them for so long, even when it hasn’t been fully released? Let me know – I’m interest to hear about other people’s experiences.

maxresdefault (20)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! As always, take care until next week!


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