Shaky Start for Resident Evil 7?

Last week at E3, Capcom announced the eleventh installment into the franchise that would played entirely via the first person perspective and support PlayStation VR.

It as announced on the 14th (last Tuesday) at Sony’s conference and a demo on the PS store was dropped later that day. Developers stated it will have nothing to do with the final result of the game – rather, it was a showcase of what the developer were capable of. Starting to sound familiar?

The Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (or Biozard 7: Resident Evil if you’re in Japan) will have a completely new protagonist (no Leon, *sobs loudly*) and described as ‘not a gun fest’. It began development in February 2014 and features a new engine called the RE engine – basically, it’s a engine that has capable of VR development tools – beginning to think there is a heavy emphasis that the game should be played in VR. Other elements of series Resident Evil games, such as puzzle solving, resource management and – of course – healing herbs, but QTEs will be completely absent. It will set after the ‘modern day’ events of Resident Evil 6 but focusing on a rural American plantation. Apparently, the clue for the main plot is in the title, so I’m thinking a disease a swept a small American community who have gone bat-shit crazy and the Umbrella Corporation have the clean up the mess and figure what’s going on. Again – been there, done that. What makes this any different to any other film, TV show or another horror game?

The game’s director, Koshi Nakanishi, has spoken about his time playing other horror games – such as the Silent Hills P.T Demo and Outlast – and explained his frustration with games’ lack of being able to defend yourself, and decided to use that in this new game. I will say that this is evident in the demo.

The demo Beginning Hour begins with a short video clip and 2 guys being help hostage. One has access to a machete and begins to cut the other’s rope restrains around his wrists – completely unaware that a dark shadowy figure appears behind him and stabs him through his back. But before we can who this mysterious figure is, the camera cuts off, and puts you into a modern day abandoned mansion, home to dead crows in microwaves, weird packages in the fridge and horse skeletons. There are main ways to go about this demo (i.e. depending on what items you interact with, you can explore different parts of the house and discover different pieces of the puzzle). The main clues are a photo of a helicopter with the Umbrella Corporation and a video tape. The video tape dated June 20th 2017 shows three people filming for a paranormal TV show – Pete, the host (and typical douchebag); Andre the producer and you – Clancy, the cameraman. The trio explore the house (it’s pretty much the same as present day, only no clues and minus the weird packages in the fridge). They split up to cover more ground, only for Andre to go missing for a while and found dead on a hook in the basement. Pete and Clancy are then attacked themselves and we go back to the beginning of the demo showing the video tape of witnessing Pete die and then Clancy (you don’t actually his death – the screen goes blank and you just hear his terrifying screams). After the tape ends, we’re back in present day. Now, there are a few different routes after this (you can find the key to get the house or find a fuse to explore upstairs. I’m sure there are some others one too) but it always ends the soon – a hillbilly man suddenly appears behind you, says “Welcome to the family, son.” and knocks the player out. End of demo.

I feel that Resident Evil 7 is hyping itself up to be more than what it has already seen. I understand that it is still early days yet, but it did not reach the same level as the P.T. Demo did, even though it had a similar concept for the demo. It didn’t scare me at all but I will praise it for leaving more questions than answers for the new game. I know I’ve been negative about it already, but I do feel Resident Evil is going back to it’s core and leaves the mess of 5 and 6 behind it. I hope that I’m right.

  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be released on the 2th January next year for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 + VR.

The demo is available on the PS Store for free! Try for yourself and let me know your thoughts.

Take care until next week!


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