I’ve Moved…Sort Of

Greetings everyone! Sadly, this is not a news article – this is more of a personal entry so I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you! I promise my regular schedule shall continue next week.

Anyway, let’s carry on!

Since June 2 years ago, I’ve always wanted to start my own YouTube channel. Originally, I wanted to do Top 10’s, Reviews, First Impressions, etc, like ProJared and Caddiciruis, however I also had to think about balancing the rest of life such as my job, socializing, etc, etc. So, Let’s Plays and Walkthrough it had to be.

I’m very happy to announce that I finally started my YouTube channel last week! Granted, I’ve only uploaded 3 videos so far (I’m uploading another 2 tomorrow) but I’m pretty excited of what the future will hold. My first lot of videos will be stream highlights from last month and the month before along with vlog styled stuff, such as my journey at MCM (for the first time at the end of last month) along with unboxing videos and the like. Once those are done, I will be doing 2 regular series and uploading them every Sunday.

But I won’t explain everything – I have a video for that!

This doesn’t mean I’m abandoning WordPress – far from it. I want to continue writing – simply because it’s something I’ve been doing my whole life, pretty much – and I can incorporate with my channel. I’m simply expanding into new things.

So I hope you will continue to read my weekly entries and watch my weekly videos!

I’ll be back next week with some news and I’m uploading 2 videos tomorrow – my Day 2 of London MCM and my first Stars Wars Battlefront stream highlights.

I’ll leave you with some links to my many media profiles and my videos.

As always, take care until next week!



Any support would be greatly appreciated!


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