Battlefield 1

I think it’s safe to say that most FPS are pretty similar – the Call of Duty series, Halo, Doom, Quake and most recently Titanfall – yet, we still love them. But arguably, I would day that the Battlefield is my least favourite of shooter games – the melee is the biggest downfall to the series, and after what happened with Hardline (making a separate game that could have been sold as DLC seems like a quick money grab to me), I was not looking forward to the announcement of Battlefield 1.


Then I watched the trailer.


Battlefield 1 has retraced its footsteps all the way back to the events of World War 1. Back to when death was everywhere and people were selfishly fighting for our future. Well, I don’t it’s going to be that realistic, but I will admit that past Battlefield campaigns have had some pretty hard-hitting deaths.


While the trailer is less than 2 minutes long, it’s packed with action and shows off a lot of potentials. It includes weapons that were actually used in WW1, such as bolt-action rifles, automatic and semi-automatic rifles, artillery, flamethrowers and who could forget, mustard gas. The game will feature vehicles such as light and heavy tanks, armored trucks, biplanes, battleships and even horses. And luckily – with DICE’s involvement – the melee has been reworked and divided into two groups – light and heavy. These include sabres, trench clubs and shovels.


Battlefield 1‘s designer David Berlin has said that the game will be much more open in terms environment and players choices when completing the campaign. Unlike previous installments, this game will also allow the player to control more than one character.


Online multiplayer will support up to 64 player and have the ability to have players enter a game as well as leave a game together. It will also take place in several countries around the world, including Arabia, the Western Front and the Alps. And being squad-less will be a significant handicap.


Special editions will be available – the Collector’s Edition will include a statue of a Harlem Hell Fighter, a code for DLC (which has not been announced at this time) and a steelbook case. Pre-orders will include a three-day early access to the game and a DLC map. The Deluxe Edition will include theses, as well as the Harlem Hellfighter Pack, the Red Baron Pack, the Lawrence of Arabia Pack and 5 battlepacks. Beta has announced too, just not the date.


So far, this game has been a hit – the trailer video has been liked over 1 million times on YouTube. And I will hold my hands and say that this looks pretty good – I most likely will play it. I just won’t be getting the Deluxe Edition anytime soon.


  • Battlefield 1 will be released on 21st October for Xbox One, PS4 and PC worldwide.
  • Watch the awesome trailer here.

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  1. p2d2 · May 15, 2016

    Very psyched for this! Good article on the overall features so far! I truly hope they shy away from machinegun usage, as they were very limited in mobility during this period. However, we are going to impressive weaponry here!


  2. p2d2 · May 15, 2016

    Reblogged this on The Modern Gamer: Father, Husband and the Family and commented:
    Here’s some juicy information from this guy’s site, in regards to the WWI-themed Battlefield! I’m VERY excited to how this title will turn out. This guy’s got some good content! CHECK EM’ OUT!


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