Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is the much anticipated sequel to Outlast and it’s DLC Outlast:Whistleblower. It is a first-person survival horror game where the protagonist is only armed with a night-vision camera and the abilities to run fast and hide.


The first Outlast focused on Miles Upshur – a free-lance journalist who receives a tip about the Murkoff Corporation experimenting on mentally ill patients. Upshur decides to investigate  the Mount Massive Asylum, only to find mass amounts of dead bodies, illegal activity and many homicidal inmates. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the story for you too much.


Outlast: Whistleblower begins with Waylon Park – a Murkoff Corp. IT guy who sends an anonymous tip of Murkoff’s activities to a journalist (Upshur). While they are conducting one of their experiments, something goes wrong and Park becomes the sole survivor and having to escape the asylum (I will say this with all seriousness – this DLC is NOT for the faint-hearted – it is way more fucked up than the original game, which was very messed up).

Outlast 2 will be set in the same universal but with different characters (although Murkoff Corporation is making a surprise comeback). This game centers around Blake Langermann – a camera man – and Lin (supposedly his wife or girlfriend) who is a reporter (this sadly dismisses the rumours of Outlast 2’s protagonist being a female). After hearing about the bizarre death of Jane Doe, the twosome decide to investigate a secluded village in Arizona, which naturally is empty (or so it seems) and massacred. Jane’s death is confusing in itself – she was eight month pregnant at the time and found on the side of the road before being transferred to the hospital, where she committed suicide. Because of the desert environment, Blake and Lin must travel via helicopter, only there are complications and they crash land. When Blake wakes, he is completely alone, so he decides to go and find Lin and escape the village alive. Hopefully.

At PAX East – which commenced this weekend – there is a playable demo which show Blake running through corn fields, hiding in pools of water and empty barrells. Not much has changed appearance-wise compared to the previous games apart from updated graphics  (Unreal Engine 3) and an altered UI for the camera perspective. But it looks creepy and fucked up.

On the left, the camera UI from Outlast. On the right, the camera UI from Outlast 2.

This game also somewhat focuses on religion – which is arguably carried on from Outlast as one of the game’s main character’s was ‘Father’ Martin who worshiped the game’s main antagonist The Walrider insanely (no pun intended)  – as a cross can be seen in the playable demo as well as the title for the game itself. Also, when the game was first announced for development, Red Barrels Games (the development team) released short videos of someone reading passages from the Bible (which I cannot find videos for, sorry).


Father Martin Archimaud from the original Outlast

I thoroughly enjoyed the first game and it’s DLC (in a sickening way) so I’m hoping Outlast 2 will live up to it’s hype. I think it will – the developers themselves said they would not release a game that didn’t scare them when playing it. Good sign.


Outlast 2 will be released this fall on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • Watch the Cornfield Chase gameplay demo here.
  • Watch the Farm Horror gameplay demo here.


Thanks for reading – hope you enjoyed. Take care until next week!


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