My Top 10 Female Characters in Video Games

In light of International  Women’s Day earlier this week, I thought I would revisit the majority of the games I’ve played over the 10 years I’ve been a gamer and see which were my favourite female characters.

With females gamers on the rise, there are now plentiful amounts of good female characters to appeal to the increasing audience. Granted, my choices chnage all the time this is not a true representation of my favourite female characters, plus I had a lot to choose from that I wanted to include…maybe I’ll do a top 20 – 11 one?

Anyway, let’s not dwell too much on that thought – here’s my top 10 female characters in video games (*warning of entries swapping around or in and out, depending on the mind set of the author).


#10 – Samus Aran (Metroid)

Sadly, I wasn’t even born when Metroid first released (1986), but I know of the famous story of the ending of Metroid as I’m sure the majority of gamers do. The game follows Samus from the planet Zebes as she retrieves Metroid organisms that were stolen by Space Pirates, who plan to use the organisms as biological weapons to destroy the Galaxy. Samus would travel among planets, firing her blaster and curling up into a ball to navigate through tight spaces. But the best thing about this game was the fact that the player wasn’t aware they were controlling a female character as she was wearing an armour suit that covered her from head to toe and indicates that she was a female, such as long hair or her bodily shape. It isn’t until the very end of the same when Samus takes the armour off and reveals a spirit-rendered female in a bikini.


Samus is one of the earliest female protagonists in video games and arguably one of the most influential for the future generations of female video game protagonists.


#9 – Chun-Li (Street Fighter)


Similarly to Samus, Chun-Li was one of the earliest female characters to be created – at least, in regards to the Street Fighter series she has appeared in nearly all of them (including spin offs) and is one of the most popular characters within the franchise – she’s even had songs written about her. Her backstory of becoming a interpol officer so she can seek revenge for her father’s death, her playability within the games (she know to be usable by beginners and veterans alike) and her sex appeal (although I would argue she is not one of the most sexualised female characters out there) has made her popular among male and female gamers alike. And who wouldn’t notice those amazing thighs?


#8 – Cassandra Alexandra (Soul Calibur)


Cassandra first appeared in Soul Calibur II as the sister of Sophitia who made her debut on the first Soul Calibur game Soul Edge. Will she was well liked from her first appearance, she was compared a lot to her sister and some players when criticized her for this. While only appearing in another few games after this, she began to ‘come into her own’ and regarded as a different character alongside Sophitia. And she was complete opposite too – Sophitia fights and doesn’t enjoy it, while Casandra seems to enjoy it – she can heard laughing when she pulls off certain moves. That, the evident love she has for her sister and comic relief in here endings, makes her one of the more popular characters.


#7 – Blaze (Sonic the Hedgehog)


Despite her few appearances in the Sonic series, Blaze has become a fan favourite. Even though technically speaking she is the second feline to be introduced to the series, she possesses the power of pyrokinesis (the ability to control flames), she is definitely one of the more solidarity characters in the video game world. Because of her powers, she has always distanced herself away from other people and enjoyed doing things by herself rather than rely on someone else. But this, of course, is changed when she and Sonic work together. She also has a notable friendship with Silver which sadly was erased when the timeline was altered in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (*shudders*). I believe her to a character that develops highly in a short amount of time and the fact that she doesn’t like being called her full title of ‘Princess Blaze’, makes her a little bit more down-to-Earth and likable.


#6 – Max Cauldfield (Life is Strange)


If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I completed this game recently, so I won’t go into detail about it too much. Life is Strange is an episodic game that follows teenager Maxine Cauldfield who had visions of a tornado destroying her home town while discovering her powers of rewinding time.  Being the protagonist among several well-written characters, Max is portrayed as a quirky but shy girl who doesn’t really know where she fits in with the world yet. But she has a heart of gold as evident from her talking with the students at her school of Blackwell Academy (which is optional) and the fact that she helps out the majority of other characters, such as saving Alyssa in each episode from getting hit by something or investigating the disappearance of Rachel Amber. While I was playing Life is Strange, I related a lot to Max in the ways she acted and things she would say when exploring. And she’s a fan of movies.


#5 – Rosalina (Super Mario)


Rosalina is one of the latest characters to be introduced to the Super Mario series, with her debut being Super Mario Galaxy. After Peach is kidnapped (yet again) by Bowser, Mario is aided by Rosalina and her Lumas to travel around the galaxy in order to power up the Comet Observatory to save Peach. When first meeting her, she is noticeably elegant and sweet, but Rosalina’s backstory is were it hits home. As the player collects more power stars, more is added to the book found in Rosalina’s library. It tells the story of how Rosalina found a lost Luma and travelled into the galaxy via a spaceship to help him find his parents. But why was she doing this? It is plausible that helped the Luma because she herself had lost her own mother. Despite being alone in space, other Lumas befriended her and she soon protected them as if they were her own children.


#4 – Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)


This is very cliche (as the majority of this list is) but it’s hard not to include Zelda in this list, especially with me being a huge Zelda fan. Zelda is everything you want in a female protagonist – despite being kidnapped by the game’s antagonist Ganondorf numerous times throughout the games, she has shown herself to be able to handle herself with her fighting skills. That, in combination with her sweet nature, her attractiveness and relationship with Link makes her one of my ideal female characters in the whole of the gaming world. My favourite appearance of Zelda has to be in Skyward Sword – while this game highly focuses on Zelda and Link’s relationship, it’s hard not to invest in Link’s feelings throughout the game. She teases him and genuinely seems to care about him, making them the ultimate wannabe soulmates.


#3 – Evie Fyre (Assassin’s Creed)


Here another unsurprising entry if you follow my blog. Again, I’ve written about Evie before so I’ll keep it brief. Evie Fyre ticks all the boxes for what I want in a female video game character – smart, caring, funny and is a fricking baddass when it comes to fighting. I would argue that both of the Frye twins are lovable characters, but Evie has the extra edge on me – maybe because she doesn’t often get herself into trouble like Jacob.


#2 – Christie Monterio (Tekken)


My story with Tekken began when I first bought my Playstation 2 console and played the demo disc that came with it for so long because I couldn’t afford anymore games. One of the demos was Tekken 4 with only two playable characters – Paul Phoenix and Christie Monteiro. Being a girl, I naturally choose the female character. By my God, did I fall in love with Christie. Granted, she is basically a carbon copy of Eddy Gordo (Tekken 3) and her storyline sucks, but there’s just something about her. It might be because she’s a very happy-go-lucky kind of gal, or maybe it’s because I can rack up a lot combos with her that help me win fights.


#1 – Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)


I know – it’s a major surprise that I chose one of the earliest female video game characters alongside Samus and Chun-Li who has created more debate issues than Donald Trump (haha, political and relevant joke inserted) and become one of gaming poster girls as my top woman in gaming. Is there much more I can say about her? Well, I feel with the new reprised version of Lara has made her a bit more human, and therefore a little bit more lovable – she was scared out of her wits (understandably) when stranded on a murderous island, yet she pushed it away and fought her way to the top to save her best friend. That, and the fact that her body portions are much less exaggerated than before, uses double pistols, shotguns, SMGs and all sorts of other weapons, make her my favourite. And the fact that she was portrayed by Angelina Jolie, one of my favourite actresses.



There we have it – hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you agreed/disagreed with my list via comments. And to all my female gamers – Happy Bealted International Women’s Day!



  1. Alomora64 · March 13, 2016

    Lara Croft as #1, totally agree 😀


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