Deadpool Movie Review


I consider myself to be a massive comic book fan, especially when I started reading the DC comics of Batman at the tender age of 10. After that, I fell in love with superheroes and so did my family. I remember Deadpool having a few cameos in the X-Men cartoon (1992 – 1997) after discovering DC’s ‘rival’ company Marvel and him being a joy to watch because he was so funny. I didn’t really become a massive fan of Deadpool until recently when watching the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series  (2012 – ongoing). Of course, his small appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) made me happy to see him, however like most comic book fans/hardcore Deadpool fans, I felt his part in the movie was not as close to the lore as it could have been. Ever since then, I’ve been hungry – no, craving – a Deadpool movie and with all the other Marvel movies, like Thor (2011 – ongoing), Avengers Assemble (2012 – ongoing) and Big Hero 6 (2015), I had no doubt it would happen soon.


Deadpool (left) and Spiderman (right) in Ultimate Spiderman


Deadpool (left) and Wolverine (right) in X-Men-Origins: Wolverine

Bacially, when I’m saying is I’ve wanted a good Deadpool movie since I was teen and I finally went to go see it in the cinemas yesterday (13th February). Sorry for rambling.


So, what did I think of the movie? Well I think I only have to say one thing: it was worth the wait.

I’ll sum up the movie for people who don’t know what it’s about. This story follows the mercenary Winston ‘Wade’ Wilson – a self-proclaimed ‘anti-hero’ with a smartass mouth (portrayed by Ryan Reynolds). Sadly, one day he is diagnosed with cancer so naturally he is approached by a recruiter (also dubbed as Agent Smith) for a secret treatment program (portrayed by Jed Rees). In fears of losing the love if his life Vanessa (played Morena Baccarin), he agrees to the program without telling her. For the treatment, his is injected with a serum (if you’ve read the comics, you’ll know that it was a solution similar to the one Wolverines was given, but this is left out of the movie) that was created by Francis Freeman AKA Ajax (played by Ed Skrein). But in order for the serum to actually work, Ajax and his partner Angel Dust (Gina Carano) continuously torture Wade so a mutation will occur. After no success after a number of weeks, Wade is placed in a oxygen chamber and the lack of oxygen is what triggers the serum. After transforming into horror movie extra and trying the kill Ajax after breaking free, his is left in the burning warehouse to die, along with other hopeful patients. With the help of his friends Weasel (portrayed by T.J Miller), Blind Al (played by Leslie Uggams) and X-Men’s Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (played by Brianna Hildebrand), Wade – now known as his alter ego Deadpool – tracks down Ajax so he can cure him again with Vanessa being kidnapped in the process.


Let’s have a look at some of things I really liked in this movie.

The Humour

Deadpool is probably known as the funniest character in the Marvel universe, perhaps even in the whole of the comic book universe (just throwing that out there). This is mainly due to his wisecracks that gave him the nickname ‘The Merc with the Mouth’ and his breaking of the fourth walk. This is one of the factors that I believe has made Deadpool so popular – many comic book creators rarely include pop culture references or make their characters aware of their surroundings of the world – but Deadpool does, and it’s not lacking in the film with Deadpool being aware of the cameras and even speaking to the audience in the movie – there’s even a fourth wall break of a fourth wall, that’s how far the creators took it.

There’s also fourth wall-breaking of Ryan Reynolds himself which I noticed, such as the inclusion of People’s Sexist Man Alive which Reynolds was voted for and won back in 2010. That and there were a few mentions of The Green Lantern (the Green Lantern trading card that appeared in the opening and Wade’s request of ‘not making his superhero costume green’) which Reynolds also played (another recurring theme of comic book characters – having actors play more than one in their lifetime) in 2011 which was not successful (or a very good film. Or a good ‘superhero’).


People Magazine’s Cover for Sexist Man Alive 2010

Of course, with Deadpool being faintly linked to the X-Men, there were a few wisecracks about them too. Deadpool eventually does not fear for his life when ‘tainting’ the name Wolverine. Or Hugh Jackman.

Also, it’s a good movie in my book if it can make you laugh during the opening credits, with referring to the cast crew via stereotypes, like ‘an overpaid tool’ for director Tim Miller.

The Actors

When I about to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine for the first time and remembering that Ryan Reynolds was playing Deadpool, I was nervous, I won’t lie. Sure, the first thing I really remember seeing Reynolds in was The Proposal (2009) which was a rom-com, but I still wasn’t convinced. But then I sat down and watched Buried (2010) which took a much more serious turn movie-wise, I knew Reynolds would do a good job of filling Deadpool’s boots with being such a versatile actor (let’s not forget his role in The Voices (2014) which I have not watched, or even plan to. But again, it proves my point…I think).Hell, even in the comic book series Cable & Deadpool (2004 – 2008), Deadpool himself refers to his appearance as “Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar-Pei”. I honestly could not imagine else else playing Deadpool, and even someone does, I will cause a riot. At least on the internet I will.

I also think Morena Baccarin was a good choice for a funny and feisty companion for Deadpool, despite only really ‘watching’ her in the TV series V (2009 – 2011) in which she played an alien leader disguised as a human being. And Brianna Hildebrand got the angsty teenage part down. The other actors stepped up to the plate as well, but let’s face it – it was all about Ryan Reynolds.

The Action

It’s a rule that you have to love action elements in movie when it comes down to superhero adaptions. I love the fighting choreography, despite during the opening credits/first fighting scene you witness Deadpool taking on three or four guys in a car and he uses his foot on the steering wheel. There is a lot of flipping, sword slashing and oneshots to the head (he messed up on a few) but it’s all done quickly and smoothly. While Deadpool is not your ‘typical’ comic book character with superhuman strength but with abilities that match a 40 + years trained martial artist, this movie did it well. I will say however that the final fight between Deadpool and Ajax was a little underwhelming and it was obvious that Deadpool was not going to get the cure and kill Ajax anyway, but with the fighting and action overall within the movie, I’m willing to overlook it a little.


The Adaption

I remember coming out of the cinema and thinking, ‘that has to be the truest comic book movie adaption I have seen. Ever.’ Pretty much everything I had read in the comics was in the movie too. Normally, with other adaptions I’ve seen, they’ve left out characters that ‘weren’t important’ or added in scenes that they felt fit, which is understandable – why make a movie entirely based on the book when you can just read the book? But Deadpool stayed as true as it could but also added in its own spice, like the scene of Wade and Al discussing Ikea furniture.

Honourable mentions

There were also a few little things I liked added to the movie, such as Wade and Vanessa’s relationship (I was slightly envious, even though I know and understand it’s not real).


I also liked that when Wade first escaped the clutches of Ajax, the mood was extremely serious, instead of keeping the wave of humour washing on through like most comedy films do.

And how can I forget Stan Lee’s appearence in this movie, which comes as no surprise. But the surprise was that he portrayed a DJ in a stripper club. Stan Lee – a veteran of comic books and their culture – played a an old man DJ in a stripper club. Mr Lee, you are my hero.

And here’s one for the ladies (and guys too) – you see quite a bit of Ryan Reynolds bare butt, which I will not argue was not needed in this movie. Because it was. End of.


I wouldn’t be a true reviewer if I didn’t discuss what I didn’t like about the movie. I know I’ve sung its praises to the high heavens but I did have one or two problems (two to be precise), but they’re no biggies.

I noticed a few times when Ryan Reynolds was in full Deadpool costume, he looked much leaner that he really is. As I said before, Deadpool is not your typical comic book character so he’s not super buffed out, but he loked a little slimmed down to me. Should I start accusing 20th Century Fox that they are now photoshopping/cropping men to look trimmer? Or maybe it was the CGI?

The other thing I would have liked to have seen was more screen time for Warhead and Colossus – even though the movie is entitled ‘Deadpool‘, he is very rarely seen without someone else. But that’s just my own preference. And maybe a few mentions of good ol’ Spiderman.



It should be no surprise to you that I really enjoyed this film and so glad that it finally happened. Not only was it the truest comic book adaption I have seen since the comic adaption hype began, but it was definitely the funniest and lovable I have seen so far. That and the fact that you could clearly evident that all the actors, the director and writers had such a blast making this movie from beginning to end made it such an enjoyable film. I would even go so far to say that this is my movie of the year and it’s only February.


Final rating: 10/10

Now I’ll wait patiently for my Deadpool Pop Vinyl figure to arrive and news on the sequel – which has been announced.  *Taps fingernails on computer desk*



  • Someone very kindly put all the clips and trailers of the Deadpool movie into one video! View it here.
  • I recommend WatchMojos video on the Top Ten Fact of Deadpool which you can watch here.

Thanks for reading! I thought I’d do something different compared to my usual video game articles so I hope you enjoyed. Let know if you did via likes and comments. Wanna see more of this stuff? I hope so because I really enjoyed it! As always, take care until next week.



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