Nintendo’s Miitomo

Last year, Nintendo announced that they were very interested in releasing mobile games alongside their console games. This is understandable – nearly everyone these days has an iPhone or a mobile that can access the internet to download apps. Hell, I’m extremely guilty of this! Other gaming companies have branched out to mobile games, such as Square Enix with many Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider and Hitman games along with Namco and Tekken Card Tournament. So it’s no surprise that Nintendo have jumped on the mobile-gaming wagon too.


Earlier this week, Nintendo announced their first of five mobile games to be released this year – Miitomo. On the 17th February, players can preregister for Miitomo on iOS, Android and even tablets via their already-existing Nintendo Account, social network profile such as Facebook and Twitter, or their email address. So far, this has been confirmed for people in Japan, the UK and Ireland. Once they sign up early, they will be the first to receive a notification of when the game is up and running, which will hopefully be sometime in March.

To me – looking at some of the early images and a few news videos – this game look like a carbon copy of Tomodachi Life which was released in 2013/2014. But this is not necessarily a bad thing – Tomodachi was very successful and a lot of fun.  In Tomodachi Life, players were able to create various Mii that would live in a hotel together and interact with eachother. Players could decorate their rooms, choose what food their Miis ate and even what they should discuss with other islanders. There were also fun activities, such as the Music Hall where Miis could become singing superstars, or prompted events throughout the island. This game focused heavily on social interaction and making friends, hence why it is called Tomodachi Life (‘tomodachi’ is Japanese for ‘friend’).


Miitomo looks no different, as Nintendo themselves stated:

“Miitomo is a social experience that uses Nintendo’s Mii characters to engage friends in a lighthearted, playful and welcoming social setting. Mii characters first debuted on the Wii console and to date, more than 200 million Mii characters have been created around the world. Using Mii characters users will be able to interact with their friends in an entirely new way to spark fun and interesting conversations by answering questions such as, “What song has been stuck in your head lately?”, “Do you believe in aliens?”, or even, “If you saw a nose hair sticking out of your friend’s nose, what would you do?” By answering questions in Miitomo, users will be able to discover surprising information and secrets about their friends, as well as share their experiences with others easily by taking and sharing photos featuring their Mii using the Miifoto feature.”


And with Nintendo’s new reward system – My Nintendo – that will be released alongside Miitomo, there will be a special Miitomo reward, although it is unknown at this time what it is.

It is unknown whether this game will be free or if it will like Pokemon Shuffle that will include microtransactions in order to become better within the game. Think may be a fear to parents as children could unwillingly rack up a hefty bill, but Nintendo has had good parenting controls – especially with games that connect to the internet – so I have no doubt Miitomo will include that too.

It has been hinted that one of Nintendo’s famous characters may also appear in this game. I wonder who it could be? Mario? Link? Pikachu? The Villager? Samus?

Nah, let’s face it – it will properly be Mario.


Thanks for reading – hope you enjoyed! Please leave a like and/or comment if you did. Take care until next week!



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