Is the new Assassin’s Creed Game Being set in Egypt?

Ever since the Assassin’s Creed franchise began in 2007, Ubisoft have made sure to release a AC game every year. So it came as a bit of a shock when it was leaked that there would be no Assassin’s Creed this year and the next one would possibly be set in Egypt.

It’s unknown when this game – code named Empire, possibly –  will be set apart from Ancient Egypt, which surprised me a little. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is the most recent AC, but also the most modern in terms of the lore in Victorian London. So, to go way back to a place where time barely began is a major rewind. This also potentially means that the main character(s) of Empire – whoever he or she is – will be stripped of everything and back to basics. Goodbye, rope launcher of Syndicate.

Another rumour that is floating around is that horses may still be available as a means of transport, but whether it be chariots or just plain old horses – or potentially both – could be interesting. There is also the possibility of boats – especially on the River Nile, if it is included.

The leak has also hinted towards Empire being much bigger and more exploration-based, and even going so much so to comparing it to Witcher 3. But with the aesthetics of pyramids, deserts and hieroglyphic-covered tombs, you can’t really complain. I’m calling another tomb exploring DLC for it right now. I just hope there won’t be too many side quests like in Witcher 3 so that I don’t know where to begin and never pick the game up again because I’m scared of the amount of open worldness there is. But, Ubisoft are well known for putting a lot of effort into their environments, so I have no doubt it will look amazing.

There is one thing I’m not excited about for this game – using an eagle to scout for you. Now, I’ve seen a few YouTube videos for gameplay of Ubisoft’s upcoming game Far Cry Primal and what does that use? A owl to scout above you. I’m sorry, but it’s too similar for me.  And it would confuse me with Eagle Vision.

With Unity being a huge disappointment and negatively affecting sale of Assassin’s Creed, but the semi-success of Rogue and Syndicate, this could be that stepping stone Ubisoft need to make Assassin’s Creed good again.

But don’t worry if you still need your fix of Assassin’s Creed – Ubisoft are releasing another two sidescrolling games (one is set in India, I believe) and the Assassin’s Creed movie starring Michael Fassbender are all due this year.

With Ubisoft’s talents for making accurate and amazing scenery and revamping and stripping all mechanics to as little as possible, I think I’ll keep an eye out for this game. Who can resist a stalk-and-slash game set in Ancient Egypt? The cherry on the game for me would be the inclusion of the ancient Egyptian gods – maybe Osiris or Anbis created a Piece of Eden? And what famous historical figures will we encounter?

A release date for Assassin’s Creed Empire (name pending) has not been decided apart from possibly Autumn 2017. But that gives us plenty of time for Watch Dogs 2.

Check out a compilation of the 4chan posts here on NeoGAF.

Hope you enjoyed – let me know your thoughts on the potential of Assassin’s Creed Empire. Until next week, take care!



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