My Top 10 Games of 2015

It’s that time of year – with everything coming to an end, everyone looks back on the year they’ve had. So, I’ll review the gaming year I’ve played for 2015. But I have set myself some rules:

  • If I have played a series/franchise of games, I’m only allowed to choose one game from the series.
  • The games in this list do not have to be games that were released this year (probably just as well).
  • Also, the games that I have played do not have to be completed in order to qualify for this list.

Let’s begin, shall we?


#10 – Shadow Warrior (Flying Wild Hog/PS4/2013)

header (1)

This game is the most recent one that I’ve completed, so it’s still fresh in my  mind. This game follows Lo Wang, a ninja mercenary, who is on a quest to find the legendary Nobitsura Kage by a powerful Japanese businessman called Orochi Zilla. But of course, things go wrong, demons from another dimension invade the world and Wang gets sucked into a ever-lasting war between Japanese immortal gods known as the Ancients.

It’s your standard first-person shooter, along with other weapons such as a katana and even a demon’s head. It’s fast-paced and gory as hell, but there’s something satisfying about beheading demons with a katana and watching the blood spray everywhere. I loved the humour in this game too – you can collect fortune cookies which start out as serious, but as the game progresses, that is soon lost. I actually laughed out loud at some of them.

But sadly, this game does have its flaws. The levels are pretty samey – hack and slash – or blast up, which ever you prefer – the hordes of demons that attack you. There’s no puzzle solving as the game highlights which button you’re meant to press, which door to do through, etc., etc. Also the bosses – once you figure out how to defeat the first one, you know how to defeat all of them. And Zilla was easy too – wait and slash nonchalantly.

I adore this game for it’s humour and creativity of using the first-person POV for using melee weapons, but with the game being a case of rinse and repeat, that is the reason why this game is not higher on my list.


#9 – Crossy Road (Hipster Whale/iOS/2014)


I started my first full-time back in October which requires me to travel to via bus (I haven’t got my driving license, yet) so I’m usually bored of starting out of a window for a hour at a time. But what I can I do to pass time?

Easy – I drain the battery power of my iPhone by playing games.

Crossy Road is easily one of the most addictive mobile games ever. You start of as a chicken who has the cross the road. You have obstacles such as cars, rivers and trees that block your way.

I love the style of this game – it’s colourful and blocky, like an old-school arcade game. You collect golden coins/credits that can be used to purchase other playable character via the arcade machine (seriously old school). And the environments can change for certain characters – for example, because it is the festive season – even if it is technically over – I’ve been playing as the Festive Chicken a lot, which means I have to cross snowy paths and ride on frozen logs to cross the rivers.


It’s that game that makes you say, “Just one more try,” and you end up playing for another hour.


#8 – Best Fiends (Seriously Digital Entertainment/iOS/2015)


Ah, another addictive mobile game. In this game, you build a team of bug-like creative that fight slugs in order to save their friends. You can build a team of five, each with their own power/element – leaf, mushroom, strawberry, water and flower. You collect meteormites (which are basically little cute orange/blue balls of…being) and gems to help them grow and evolve. There a mini quests for characters and you can extra power-ups by spinning the wheel every ten minutes (but you do have to watch an ad first). It’s similar to Candy Crush, only the the power items don’t have to be next to eachother – you can link them so long as they’re near eachother, such as diagonally across.


This game is much more restrictive compared to Crossy Road – you consume energy during each game, so you only have a limited amount of time/goes. But it’s cute and fun – and even at Christmas time, it looks festive and holiday-warming (probably for a limited time though, I imagine).


#7 – LittleBigPlanet 2 (Media Molecule/PS3/2011)


Ah, LittleBigPlanet. A game I definitely think the world needed and somewhat changed the gaming world ever so slightly – with its  use of the PS3 controller axis, buttons to control limbs of Sackboy and the d-pad to change his facial expression – it made the possibilities of game mechanics much more intuitive.

I played LBP2 after completing the first one, and in comparison, it was much more…’meatier’. With voiced characters, more gadgets to use and harder puzzles, I both enjoyed and hated this game. There were times I wanted to give up and quit, but I knew I had to destroy the Negativitron like I had The Collector. Comparing both games, I enjoyed the storyline much more in LBP2 and with Stephen Fry returning as the narrator, how could I not love it?


#6 – Tekken Bowl (Namco/iOS/2011)


As a long time fan, how could I not put a Tekken game on the list? After loving the Tekken Bowl minigame in Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, you can imagine my surge of love and surprise when I found it on the app store. Granted you can play as only three characters when you start (Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu and Panda), the Puzzle Mode is what makes this game. As you can probably judge from the title, you have to solve a puzzle using the bowling bowl. Now, I’m on third puzzle and I’m still stuck, but at the same time when I’m not playing it, I’m trying to figure it out.

I recommend this game if you enjoyed the minigame as much as I did – there’s a Classic Mode too if you can want to sit back and play a game of digital bowling.


#5 – Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (Square Enix/PS4/2014)

maxresdefault (3)

Much like LBP, I played Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light before Temple of Osiris and enjoyed the second one much more. However unlike LBP, I didn’t feel like Temple of Osiris was ‘meatier’ than the first one – the controls were still the same, the puzzles were just as good (maybe a little bit harder than the previous ones) and the story was similar. The only real differences were that the game was multiplayer with new characters and it was set somewhere else. Granted, the graphics were better simply because it had been transfer to PS4 rather than carried on PS3, but there was one point – just one – that made me think this was the better game of the Lara Croft series.

That was the final boss battle. It was a little bit samey, but without spoiling it, it was pretty epic and spectacular to watch what was going on in the background while you were fighting off mythical creatures. Definitely one of my favourite bosses battles in gaming ever.


#4 – P.T. Demo (Konami/PS4/2014)


Never before have I played as an atmospheric demo before. I had watched a few videos of other’s playthroughs beforehand so I knew what to expect when I played it myself – what to do, what would cause the jump scares, what to avoid, etc., etc. – but I was very wrong. I still managed to jump out of my skin, panic when I didn’t know what to do and be so scared that I haven’t touched it since my first playthrough. And it’s a fricking demo!

I hope that now with Kojima having his own studio with Sony, he’ll team up with Del Toro and create something even more spooky and engaging.


#3 – Borderlands 2 (Gearbox Software/PS3/2012)


I was always put off to play Borderlands mainly because I was worried about the humour being me off it. And I also didn’t know much about the game itself. But after seeing it on sale, I thought I’d try it.

I fell in love with Borderlands after my first sitting of playing it. I’m a fan of first-person shooters but with the added role-play element, it blow my mind. Add in a good storyline, great characters and a bunch of side-quests then I’m all set.

But Borderlands 2 changed everything. It took everything that was great from the first game (which was basically everything) and wrapped it up in a much more engaging storyline and memorable (and recurring) characters, and you have me sold. To fall in love with same game twice evidently as achieved something great.

Despite the antagonist being a horrible character, I really loved Handsome Jack as a villian – there is one point in the game (no spoilers!) were I felt utterly helpless and didn’t know how the story was going to end – not at least in a good way. Not many games have made me feel like that, but with Borderlands that made me laugh and almost cry at certain points, I can do nothing but praise it. And replay it over and over and over again.


#2 – InFAMOUS Second Son (Sucker Punch Productions/PS4/2014)


I had never played the InFAMOUS series before (unless playing as Cole MacGrath in Street Fighter X Tekken counts) so when I first bought my PS4 and saw the game in sale, I decided to take a chance.

I loved the graphics (reminder – this was the first game I played on PS4) and the main characters Deslin Rowe (voiced by Troy Baker AKA one of many favourite gaming VAs) and the way the story played out – you could choose the good route (which I did) as a Hero or the bad route as a Villian.

I think – like more superhero stories – the game spoke to me. Deslin was feared for being different, yet he showed that it was OK to be different. And to be a total badass with powers.

I did find the game a little difficult, but I felt for a lot of the characters and felt that Sucker Punch did a great job on making the environment as authentic as Seattle itself.


#1 – Hyrule Warriors (Koei Tecmo/Wii U/2014)


It surprised me that when this game was announced, quite a few gamers doubt it. I kinda of understand why – it’s a game that wasn’t developed my Nintendo as all Legend of Zelda had been, but I had played Dynasty Warriors a lot in the past, so I had faith. I also watched the trailer at least a hundred time purely for the rocked out version of the main Legend of Zelda theme.

Granted, this is a hack and slash game – I thought it was purely that. However, I soon found out it wasn’t. During one segment when you can play as Impa or Shiek, I lost over and over again simply because I was concentrating on defeating as many enemies as I could rather than recovering the points on the map. This game requires you to think out a plan and be on the edge of your seat util it succeeds.

I enjoyed having tie-ins from previous Legend of Zelda games, such as enemies, characters, levels and even weapons (the hookshot will always be my favourite to use when it’s at it’s most powerful). The story stumbled a little bit in places, but I enjoyed the game nonetheless. And I’m excited to see what Hyrule Warriors Legends will bring next year for the 3DS.


There we have it – my Top 10 Games for 2015 all in order. Let me know if you agree/disagree with my choices and/or placements. Hope you enjoyed – leave a like and/or comment if you did.

And Merry Belated Christmas – I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! I’ll see you next year (well, it’s really next week, but you know…)

Take care!


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