Forgotten Memories: Alternative Realities

I had never heard of this game until one of my friends bought it up during a conversation of my blog. He thought I should look into it a bit more, so after a somewhat hectic week, I relaxed and watched the trailer.

maxresdefault (12)

Let’s talk about the plot of this game first. Incase the title didn’t give you a clue, Forgotten Memories: Alternative Realities is a ‘old school survival horror game’ – at least, that’s what the official website describes it as. You as Rose Hawkins, a woman wrapped up in finding a lost girl called Eden. A clue leads her to an asylum, but she is knocked out. When she comes too – wounded – she finds herself frozen in time and stuck in this creepy place. She must battle her way through her own darkest fears in order to complete her investigation.


(Main characters from left to right: Rose Hawkins, Eden, Noah and Dorothy Simmons)

The game is being developed by and has already been nominated for gaming awards, such as Best Audio, Best Original Music, Best Indie Game and Best iOS Game. It was also a finalists in the CVA Video Games Awards 2015.


Now, I’m not usually one for horror games, but with many good horror games being released over the past few years (RIP Silent Hills P.T. Demo), I am intrigued. Especially when it’s a psychological survival horror game – blood and guts just don’t do it for me. Well, not all the time.

I get the feeling that this game will make you channel the main character Rose and her own fears, along with your own – in the trailer I saw a creepy doll which has already set me off (I hate dolls with a passion no thanks to Chuckie).


You won’t just be controlling Rose – you will be Rose and absolutely terrified at turning around ever corner. The ‘enemies’ look pretty creepy to – mannequin dolls with no faces that move as if they’re possessed by something. And there’s a mysterious voice whose face is never seen but seems to be able to unnerve Rose at any moment.


Many people have compared the game to the early ‘good’ Silent Hill games, even more so now that Guy Cihi and David Schaufele from Silent Hill 2 play their parts in the game too.

An interview with the games producer and art director Wilfried Marcadet revealed how this game will be different to your stereotypical horror game:

“Forgotten Memories evokes a constant sense of dread, interrupted only by spikes of high terror through a carefully crafted level design, enemies, music, everything has a purpose and meaning, most of the time to tell something to the player and induce fear. Feelings are induced through subtle manipulations of human psychological triggers, rather than predictable jump scares. Low ammunition, save points (instead of checkpoints), unpredictable events and enemies, sense being lost using an open in-door progression.”


After hearing those words – to me at least – it sounds like our average horror game, but I am willing to give this game a chance. I mean, it has to be scarier than Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, right?



This game has already been released on iOS from 23rd April this year, with the trailer stating it would be released on  PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, and Wii U later in 2015. But with it being the last few weeks of 2015, I’m going to hazard a guess for a console/PC being in 2016.

  • Check out the trailer here.
  • For more information, have a look at the official website here.
  • Take a look at Siliconera’s interview with Wilfried Marcadet here (it’s not very long, just a warning).

Hope you enjoyed – let me know if you did! Take care until next week (CHRISTMASSSS!!)

Thank-you Ryo_Nightray for suggesting ideas for the blog last week and this week!


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  1. Particlebit · December 29, 2015

    Had not seen this game but I’m always on the lookout for scary games, especially ones in this style

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