My Top 10 Favourite Outfits from The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes


The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is the most recently released Zelda game. It’s a silly and off-the-cuff kind of game, but the online multiplayer is what makes it.

The story behind the game is that a princess named Princess Styla of the high-fashion Kingdom of Hytopia has been cursed by Lady Maud – a Drablands witch – due to jealousy, so it is up up to the three heroes to free her from it (it’s not a major curse – she has to wear a ugly jumpsuit for the rest of her life).

So of course, in a high-fashioned game, there are outfits the player can craft in Madam Couture’s shop with materials they have collected along the way. So far, there’s around 40 to collect (DLC is dropping again soon, so doubt there be more), so let’s take a look at my favourite 10. No worries for spoilers!

#10 – The Tri Suit


This outfit – if all three Links are wearing it – deal more damage, dodge more attacks and find hearts and rupees more frequently. To craft this item, you will need five Friendly Tokens and 300 rupees.

The outfit reminds me of a Power Ranger outfit, had it ever been created by the Japanese. I hope that if a new Power Rangers TV series happens, they had a blonde green one that only says, “Hyeeh Kyaah Hyaaah Haa Hyet!”. And there needs to be a robot wolf.

#9 – The Ninja Gi


As you’d expect from a ninja outfit, Link can deal up to triple damage when dashing, but the material list is pretty long: Rainbow Coral, Ancient Fin, Vintage Linen, Gidbo Bandage (ew), Stal Skull and 1500 rupees.

But to make Link wear a Ninja outfit, I think it’s totally worth it. Shame you can’t climb rooftops or throw ninja stars.

#8 – The Queen of Hearts


Much like the character from Alice in Wonderland, Link is dressed like royalty.  But what makes this outfit? Link is wearing a fricking dress. The Legendary Hero of Time is wearing a dress to lift a curse on a princess. He’s saved the world before, and now he’s trying to do it again while holding up his skirts. I feel his pain…sort of.

This outfit gives Link three extra heart containers, but much like the Ninja Gi, it’s a costly list: Mystery Jade, Fairy Dust, Star Fragment, Exquisite Lace and 1200 rupees. But it makes him look regal and that’s all that matters.


#7 – Fire Blazer


Could Link look anymore fabulous? No, especially not with that eye ball that makes him look ready for a masked ball. But with the fire pattern on the outfit, it also makes him look cool. Badass hero ready for a masked ball kind of cool.

This outfit allows Link to shoot three fireballs at once with the Fire Gloves. It can be crafted from Mystery Extract, Twisted Twig, a Lava Drop and 1500 rupees.


#6 – The Energy Gear


Again, another super hero looking outfit, but I love the hair. It’s very Cloud Strife/Lars Alexandersson/Gouk-esque. No, just me then? But he have to agree that he does look pretty cool in this outfit…in a dorkly kind of way. And like it’s name, it increase’s Link’s energy by 50%.

The ingredient list for this one is a bit strange: Monster Guts, Demon Fossil, Kodongo Tail, a Keese Wing and 800 rupees.

 #5 – Fierce Deity Armor


Why does this look so familiar? Could it be that…this is something from another game? From another Zelda game? I know it sounds like I’m poking fun at Zelda and Nintendo, but I’m not – had they not made the Fierce Deity Armor that resembles the Fierce Deity Mask from Majoras Mask an outfit for this game, I would have been angry. But Link looks just as possessed and powerful as before. But in a good way…maybe?

The cost for this outfit is unknown at this time as it will be released as December DLC. But wearing it enables Link to shoot four sword beams diagonally. Look forward to it!


#4 – The Legendary Dress


Wait, this is another familiar looking one? From another Zelda game? But wait…didn’t someone else wear it? That’s right – you can make Link cosplay as Zelda. Mind bending, right? But who wore it best?

Despite this, this is one of the least costly outfits in the game – all you need is one Tektite Shell, one Sweet Mushroom and 200 rupees. And hearts appear more frequently.


#3 – Lucky Loungewear


I think there’s a recurring theme between Link and sleeping. But I don’t think we’ve ever seen him in pajamas before…until now. And he looks so cute – like a puffed up ball of snugginess.

Despite this, this outfit actually allows Link to dodge more attacks – I thought it would at least be a hindrance. At least it’s not much to craft: a Sweet Mushroom, a Blin Bling, Gohma’s Eye and 200 rupees.

Now Link needs to just talk in a cutesy, whisperly voice…oh, wait.


#2 – The Spin Attack Attire


In case you didn’t know, I am a huge fan of the history of Japan (mainly the 18th century when the Western influence will beginning to slowly take over), so I immediately took a liking to this one. How could I not like Link dressed up as a Japanese Samurai Warrior? That should be his new title.

Unsurprisingly, this outfit allows Link to execute the Big Spin Attack on enemies, however it is unaffective against  to Buzz Blobs. To make this outfit, you need a Crystal Skull, a Sanctuary Mask, a Steel Mask and 2000 rupees. Yikes.


#1 – Cheer Outfit


Yes, you read that right and saw the picture. It you thought the dresses (yes, there is more than one) in this game were hilarious, then you’ve seen nothing yet. Link in a cheerleader outfit. The keeper of the Triforce of Courage can wear a cheerleader outfit. Oh Hiromasa Shikata and Eiji Aonuma, I completely love you for this. I love the little details – even the ponytail. Link, you are one of a kind hero.

All you need fore this outfit is 3 Frilly Fabric and 100 rupees. And much like its name sake, it increases Links’ allies energy by 50%.

Nintendo, I love you just for making awesome games, but for having a great sense of humor while you do it. It makes these game so much more enjoyable.


And there we have it – my Top 10 Outfits from Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to leave a comment and/or like. Join me next week for the last article of Zelda Month (sob). Until then, take care!

  • Watch the trailer here (beware of puns – there are a lot. Especially bad ones).
  • Watch the costume trailer here.




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