Is it Nintendo Week?


Holy crap – Nintendo threw some hefty new information regarding future releases this week. From the first Nintendo Direct video since Satoru Iwata’s passing this summer, and boy did they tell us some great stuff. Here’s a little look at some of the things they discussed.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is Coming to the Wii U


Just in time for Zelda Month, Twilight Princess is getting a HD upgrade onto the Wii U. It was originally released for the GameCube and Wii on 19th November 2006 and is considered one of the greatest Zelda games to date. The HD version will feature enhanced graphics and amiibo functionality (we’ll talk about that in a minute). Nintendo are well prepared because they’ve released a trailer, screenshots and box art images already. This will be released March 4th next year.


  • Watch the trailer here.

There is Going to be a Wolf Link amiibo


Along with the new Twilight Princess HD game, Nintendo also confirmed that will be a Wolf Link amiibo that can work with it. So far, it seems only compatible with Twilight Princess HD, but I have no doubt that they will make sure it will be usable in games for the future (fingers crossed for Super Smash Bros.). The detail for the amiibo is stunning – the little details such as Link’s earrings and the striations of the fur make it very pleasant to look at. This amiibo will be released 4th March 2016, alongside Twilight Princess HD and the game’s soundtrack as a bundle (I’m sure the amiibo will be sold separately though).



A New Female Character has been Added to the Roster of Hyrule Warriors Legends


At first, it was speculated that this character – Linkle – was a female version of Link, leading people to believe that she will be the main protagonist for Zelda Wii U and/or there is a gender option for the game. Well, I can stop you right there – she is NOT a female version of Link. Eiji Aonuma confirmed this and stated that she would have a similar backstory to Lana and Cia from the previous Hyrule Warriors game (no spoilers). What I’m most intrigued about is what she will bring to the game and the reason for that cool necklace she’s wearing (a giant compass basically). This game will be released on March 25th 2016 for Europe, while Japan get in first in January.

3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_scrn_01_bmp_jpgcopy__xlarge 3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_scrn_02_bmp_jpgcopy__xlarge 3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_scrn_03_bmp_jpgcopy__xlarge 3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_scrn_04_bmp_jpgcopy__xlarge 3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_scrn_05_bmp_jpgcopy__xlarge 3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_scrn_07_bmp_jpgcopy__xlarge 3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_scrn_08_bmp_jpgcopy__xlarge 3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_scrn_09_bmp_jpgcopy__xlarge 3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_scrn_10_bmp_jpgcopy__xlarge 3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_scrn_11_bmp_jpgcopy__xlarge 3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_scrn_12_bmp_jpgcopy__xlargehyrule-warriors-legends-tetra-656x369__xlargen3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_char_helmarocking_png_jpgcopy__xlargen3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_char_kinghyrule_png_jpgcopy__xlargen3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_char_linkle2_png_jpgcopy__xlargen3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_char_phantomganon_png_jpgcopy__xlargen3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_char_skullkid_png_jpgcopy__xlargen3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_char_skullkid2_png_jpgcopy__xlargen3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_char_tetra_png_jpgcopy__xlargen3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_char_tetra2_png_jpgcopy__xlargen3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_char_toonlink_png_jpgcopy__xlargen3ds_hyrulewarriorslegends_char_toonlink2_png_jpgcopy__xlarge208710_detail

  • Watch the trailer here.
  • Watch GameXplain’s trailer for Linkle here (warning of commentary).
  • Watch the Limited Edition trailer here.

New Footage for Zelda Wii U


I’ve already written an article for the upcoming Zelda Wii U (read it here), so I’ll keep this brief. Only a small amount of footage was shown (around 15 seconds long) that doesn’t reveal much more than we already know, apart from the release date, which will be sometime in 2016. But is definitely still coming to the Wii U, despite the NX’s appending release date.

  • Watch Game Xplain’s slow-mo version of the trailer here (warning of commentary).

Pokemon Yellow, Red, Green and Blue are Getting a 3DS Port


The classic Pokemon Yellow, Red, Green and Blue games are coming to the 3DS. The graphics will be updated and instead of the Gameboy Cable for trading, the wireless system for the 3DS will be used instead. Special Edition Boxes are also being released in Japan, complete with manuals and maps (I’m sure other things too and hopefully for the West as well). They will be released 27th February next year (which also happens to be around the 20th anniversary for these games).

06_-_qgfwvqo__large 08_-_gooclhf__large

01_-_lxdyohv__large 03_-_h3paqlm__large09_-_2eiegpd__large 10_-_1obm8yt__large 11_-_4iemndb__large 12_-_xduzja2__large 13_-_tqfrj9s__large 14_-_w06ztwt__large 15_-_bweke8r__large 16_-_2dawtsz__large 17_-_vs75kn1__large 18_-_wnmcecj__large 19_-_luh8wzv__large

  •  Watch the trailer here.

Cloud Strife will be Playable for Super Smash Bros.


This probably has to be the biggest bombshell of them all – a Final Fantasy character will be playable in Super Smash Bros., and it’s Cloud no less. So. Much. Hype. Well, after hyperventilating from the shock and surprise of it all.

Screenshots show Cloud in at least two different outfits and a cheeky Chocobo Mii costume has been thrown in as well. But not much more has been revealed – apart from the obvious that it’ll be for the Wii U and 3DS – but there will be a special broadcast for Super Smash Bros. next month, so sure be to tune in for more up-to-date information. Cloud amiibo anyone? Also, could this mean that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to a Nintendo console too? I don’t think I can take this.

wupp_ax_scrncn17_02_ev11c__large wupp_ax_scrncn17_03_ev11c__large wupp_ax_scrncn17_04_ev11c__large wupp_ax_scrncn17_05_ev11c__large wupp_ax_scrncn17_06_ev11c__largewupp_ax_scrncn17_07_ev11c__large wupp_ax_scrncn17_08_ev11c__large wupp_ax_scrncn17_09_ev11c__large wupp_ax_scrncn17_10_ev11c__large wupp_ax_scrncn17_11_ev11c__large

  • Watch the trailer here.

Other Nintendo news:

  • Free DLC drops for Tri Force Heroes on December 2nd
  • Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks will be available in the West on the Wii U eshop
  • Updates Coming for Splatoon
  • There will be a amiibo Festival for Animal Crossing
  • New Footage for Star Fox Zero, Along with a New Release Date
  • Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is Coming
  • Terarria is Going to be Released on the Wii U and 3DS
  • Watch the Nintendo Direct video for yourself here (warning: it is 45 minutes long).

Thank-you for reading, hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you’re most excited about from Nintendo. Stay tuned next week for more Zelda Month content!



  1. Particlebit · November 15, 2015

    Cloud’s inclusion is really the biggest tell for the future. FF7 remake has to be coming to the next console right? He was only on PSX…


  2. gamerangel301 · November 15, 2015

    I know – I was so shocked I read it. I thought I was dreaming. I hope so – I think the interaction with the Wii U Gamepad for the Remake would be amazing. Not much as been revealed about it apart from the possibility of it coming to PS4. But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this has happened…maybe the Super Smash Bros. podcast next month will shed some light on or something.


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