My Top 5 Favourite Scenes from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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If you read my previous Zelda Month blog, then you’ll know that The Legend of Zelda: The Winder Waker HD was the first LoZ game I completed (not played), this meant a lot to me, and still does today. So, let’s take a look at my favourite scenes from the game – warning for spoilers if you haven’t played it (seriously, why haven’t you?)

#5 – When Tetra transforms into Zelda


Yeah Link, I would be pretty shocked too.

When I first watched this scene, I felt terribly confused, but only because I hadn’t played much Zelda in the past. But now – obviously – I understand it much better.

In this scene, Link and Tetra – leader of the pirates and Link’s companion – follow the voice that had been coming from Tetra’s necklace, only to be lead to a chamber sealed underneath The Great Sea. Upon discovering that the boat Link has been travelling in – The King of Red Lions – is actually the King of Hyrule – Daphenes Nohanson Hyrule –  it is revealed that Tetra is actual Princess Zelda, the Protector of The Triforce of Wisdom.

The reason why I love this scene is because even though Zelda blames herself for everything Link and his sister Aryll have had to go through up to this point, Link says nothings – he simply laughs and runs away to carry on the adventure, but manages to reassure her completely. Just a simple gesture meant to me that they have a connection – something that is a recurring theme in the Zelda games.

  • Watch the scene here.

 #4 – Awakening the Sages


Zelda games make incarnations cool.

This part of the game is extremely long, but I love the different parts you have to complete in order to move on – like pieces of a puzzle all neatly fitting in together.

At this point in the game, Link must resurrect the Master Sword with its lost power. In order to do so, he must unlock the Earth and Wind Temples. After gaining the Power Bracelets and Iron Boots from the Fire and Ice Islands (respectfully), Link is able to destroy the stones blocking the Wind Temple and the Earth Temple. Following the musical instructions inside the temples with the Wind Waker, Link awakens the spirits Fado of the Kokiri Tribe and Laruoto of the Zora Tribe, the previous Sages. After hearing their stories, you can’t help but feel a bit sad – they died because they held something beyond their control and they still reside there until their reincarnations are awakened.

The other reason I love this scene and sequence in the game is because it involves two of my favourite characters from the game – Medli of the Ruto Tribe and Makar of the Kotoks. I love the puzzles that follow, even though they are extensive and involve a lot of character switching. But who can’t get enough of hearing that little wooden jingle everytime Makar walks? Medli deserves equal love too.

  • Watch the Fado scene here.
  • Watch the Laruoto scene here.

#3 – Link is reunited with Aryll


Aryll’s the one in the middle, incase you hadn’t guessed.

The game first started with Link wanting to rescue his sister from the Helmaroc King (AKA that giant bird at the beginning), which then leads onto Link wanting to stop Ganon. So, thanks for getting kidnapped Aryll, I guess?

At first Link cannot rescue Aryll by himself – he has to collect some gear, etc., etc. before taking on Forsaken Fortress for a second time with Tetra’s help. While only taking half as long as it did to reach the top then get rejected once you reached the to the first time around, Link manages to defeat Phantom Ganon and fight his way to find Aryll (and tow other girls, but we’re concentrating on Aryll). The reunion is cut short because Link as to take care of the Helmaroc King, it’s still heartwarming nonetheless. And, even though Link did rescue her and sent her back with the pirates, I knew this adventure was only part of the way through.

You do receive a letter from Aryll, saying that she is working hard upon Tetra’s ship and even sends you some rupees to help out. But you don’t see her again until the every end of the game, where the pirate ship greets them after defeating Ganon once and for all, like a fairytale ending.

  • Watch the rescuing scene here (5:17 – 8:01).
  • Watch the final scene here (skip to 3:48).

#2 – The Weird Fairy


Totally doesn’t belong in a horror movie.

Going back towards the beginning of the game, Link has to find a way to step onto the Ice Ring Isle and Fire Mountain in order to enter the Temples, restore power to the Master Sword, get the Triforce Pieces, etc., etc. But he has to find a way so he doesn’t freeze to death or burn alive (trust me, the death animations are pretty gruesome for such an artistic game), and to do so, he must gain the power of the fire and ice arrows. After gaining the power of fast travel through the Wind Waker, you can freely travel to Mother and Child Isles, where the Fairy Queen is located.

Needlessly to say, she’s a bit…strange. Even though she appears as a child, she is far from it. Combined with the creepy music (I love it though, don’t get me wrong), her mannerisms and the fact that she appears to have a crush on Link (they’ve meet for all of five seconds. Seriously), she’s definitely the weirdest character for me in Wind Waker. But it wouldn’t be a Zelda game without a weird character here and there, would it?

  • Watch the scene here.

#1 – Sleepy Link


This should be a meme.

How could I not put this as my favourite scene?

This scene comes from the opening, after the prologue about the Hero of Time (one of my favourite prologues ever). We are introduced to Outset Island and Link’s sister, Aryll. It starts with her trying to find him, only to discover he’s been asleep on Aryll’s Lookout (why he was up there, I still don’t know to this day). She tries to hint that it’s his tenth birthday (how do you forget that) but he’s still half-asleep. But it’s Link’s face that get’s me – it’s a literal ‘I give no fucks’ face, despite it being one of the happiest days of his life. I laugh at it every time, despite it’s cuteness.

Oh Toon Link, how I wish you were real.

  • Watch the scene here (skip to 4:50).

And there we have it, my second Zelda Month entry. Hope you enjoyed – let me know if you agree/disagree with any of my choices – I’d love to heard from you. Feel free to leave a like/comment too – I always appreciate them. Thank-you for reading and enjoy the rest of Zelda Month!



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