My Top 5 Legend of Zelda Music Tracks

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The Legend of Zelda games are well known not just for the music elements within the games but also the actual soundtracks played in the background as you cut grass to harvest rupees. So, let’s take a look at my personal top 5 favorite tracks from the Zelda series.

#5 – Goron Village from Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


With the 3DS remake released earlier this year, I relived always as rediscovered my love for this game. With it’s creepy atmosphere, bizarre characters and engaging storyline, it definitively makes it the most unique and beloved Zelda game in the series.

The Goron mask is the second mask to be collected in the game, so you find the Goron village pretty early on. This part of the game offers you great mini games and challenges (including a crying child). But what makes it for me is the music that plays once you enter the Goron Shrine.

For me, this music complements the Gorons – it’s a peaceful track with strange scraping sounds to company it. It shows their peaceful (and arguably docile) nature and their goofy antics. And it certainly fits in with the game’s tone.

  • Listen to the track here.

#4 – The Great Sea from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker


I played the HD remake of this game last year after getting it free with my copy of Mario Kart 8. It was also the first Zelda game I completed and I’m very happy that it was. This game showed me what the Zelda series was truly about – being a hero going on a vast adventure to help others.

For me, this was the closest open-world Zelda game until the new Zelda Wii U is released. That, with the art style and soundtrack made it such a joy to play. But I really felt I was in Link’s shoes when I hopped onto the Red King boat and the song would play. To me, it characterizes everything from travelling on a boat and exploring the vast sea. I felt like I was on voyage that would lead to me to somewhere fantastic and awesome.

  • Listen to the track here.

#3 – The Title Theme from Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


As I mentioned previously, Majora’s Mask is the weirdest and unique Zelda game, for me personally at least. When I look at it from the outside, I wouldn’t think that Majora’s Mask would fit into the series, but it does.

This theme shows that completely. It starts off happily as you’re running around Clock Town – desperately waiting to here the dreaded countdown of the three days or doing side quests to collect all the masks. But just as the track is about to end, it’s almost like the Jaws theme – something dangerous and gloomy present itself in music form and gives the feeling of hopelessness that can felt while playing this game – I mean, c’mon, you have to save Termina in three days? That’s enough pressure for anyone, let alone little Link.

  • Listen to the track here.

#2 – Lost Woods from Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time


As soon as anyone says to me, “The Legend of Zelda,” this is the theme that plays in my head. While I have not played Ocarina of Time (yet), I can just picture myself controlling Link through the woods, happily bobbling along to the music. This is the theme I want to heard when I’m doing that – the flute adds to the ‘woodsy’ feel, if that makes sense (don’t worry if it doesn’t). I can’t wait to continually roll forwards to this music, navigating through trees and hearing, “Hyeeh Kyaah Hyaaah Haa Hyet!”

  • Listen to the track here.

#1 –  Zelda’s Lullaby from Legend of Zelda – Skyword Sword


Again, this is another Zelda game I haven’t played yet (I do own a physical copy though, I just didn’t invest in Motion Control when it came out on the Wii. Silly me) and I have read up a lot about this game and seen a few playthroughs here and there. I do know one thing that players can agree on – this is the game that fully focuses on Link and Zelda’s relationship. In this game, they are childhood friends but there a hint of something more. My view of this game is that Link and Zelda need eachother – Link needs Zelda to give him courage, and Zelda needs Link so she can make fun of him. But on a serious notes, she does need him to feel protected. Many players have commented on the genuine concern they feel when Zelda is taken away from Link (and the rest of Skyloft, but they don’t count) and how that feeling stretches out throughout the whole game.

This is first (and probably only) Zelda track that has made feel emotional. This tracks sums up Zelda’s character for me, but also their relationship. No matter what happens, Link and Zelda will always belong together, whether it’s through friendship ot love. But that’s for another article.

This song is truly beautiful. It’s amazing how one series of a game can make you feel, huh?

  • Listen to the track here.

That’s it for my first Zelda Month entry – hope you enjoyed! But don’t worry, this is the first of many (four actually) so watch this space next Saturday. Let me know your favourite Zelda music tracks too (I have a lot of honourable mentions). Feel free to comment/like – I truly appreciate it.

Also, if you’re looking for consistent Zelda content on YouTube, I highly recommend the awesome PeanutButterGamer. He’s been doing Zelda Month for 5 years now, so you’ll have a lot of videos to get through. Check out his main channel here and his gameplay channel here.


Take care now!


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