Which is My Favourite Representation of Catwoman in Video Games?


Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman is hands down one of my favourite comic book characters ever (sorry, but Deadpool comes first). Naturally, which the Batman series being so popular, she has been portrayed in many different ways – to the comic books, to the TV series to the movies. And of course, the video games.

So, let’s take a look at some of my favourite Catwomen in video games, shall we? In no particular order…



I know, I know, I know – I’m a terrible Catwoman fan to include the notorious 2004 incarnation of Catwoman, AKA Patience Phillips. Now, I do agree the movie was terrible – I mean, the plot consisted of her stopping a beauty cream from hitting the shelves. Really? C’mon girl, you can do so much better! But I think me, alongside a few other people in the world, did actually enjoy the movie. I can push the storyline to one side with the fact that there’s no Batman (sob) because I think Halle Berry really stepped up her game when it came to portraying her. Not that she’s my favourite actress to portray Catwoman (sadly, Halle Berry has nothing on Eartha Kitt who is arguable my favourite). But I watched that movie endlessly – my mum even went out and bought the Barbie Catwoman collector’s doll for me at Christmas.

The game itself was pretty good. I mainly played the PS2 version (that’s how long ago it was) along with the GBA version, but I preferred the PS2 version. I loved a lot of the levels (the nightclub and Hedare mansion especially) and the (easy) puzzles you had to complete to continue the platforming, but what I especially loved about the game was the combat system. Granted, I hated the fact that pretty much the fighting could only take place when Catwoman was crouching, but the implements of using the environment – such as windows to kick your opponents in and the bottles that could be picked up with the whip – made it much more enjoyable. But back then, I thought using the right analogue stick for the whip was genius – and I still do today. That, with the abilities you can buy – such as long-distance fighting and picking out the weakest enemies – made this a great game for me back in the day (it was actually only 11 years ago).

  • Watch the trailer for the PS2 game here.

LEGO Batman


How could I not love a LEGO Catwoman? Hell, I have a LEGO Catwoman keylight after buying some for my friends. So naturally, LEGO Catwoman has to be put on this list.

She’s appeared in all 3 LEGO Batman games, but is only playable in the latest one, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. But, Traveller’s Tales did make it up for the lack of Catwoman playability. In LEGO Batman 3, you get 3 different looks for her – New 52, 1960s and Dark Knight Rises (via DLC). Granted, it’s not all of the Catwomen, it covers the timeline enough (maybe not completely). Within this series, she seems very mischievous and with her cat puns, she’s defintely a cheesy-styled Catwoman, with good combat and jumping abilities. She’s also voiced by Laura Bailey in LEGO Batman 3, so how could I not love her?

  • Watch LEGO 3 Batman Catwoman gaemplay here (all 3). Warning of commentary (if you don’t like that kind of thing).

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe


If you’re a constant reader of my blog, you’d probably know that I’m a big fan of beat ’em ups, therefore I’m a big fan of Mortal Kombat (especially the later ones – they’re much more gorey in my opinion). But, when I first heard about this game, I couldn’t take it seriously. I mean, Mortal Kombat and DC comic book characters? Really? And after looking into it, I still have the same opinion.

Her part in the story mode is small, with the typical Catwoman storyline – she aids the back guys, realizes that she’s made a mistake and then aids the good guys before returning to Gotham. I won’t spoil it, but the ending does make up for it a little bit. I felt like her combat was slow but powerful and her fatalities were a little underwhelming. But how can I ignore the fact that she was in a Mortal Kombat mash-up game? I can’t.

  • Watch Batman vs. Catwoman here.
  • Watch her fatalities here.

Batman: Arkham series


Again, similarly to previous games, Catwoman doesn’t make much of an appearance in these games, apart from Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate were she is the main antagonist; Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight. I feel that the Batman: Arkham series is probably the closest it can get the comic books, especially with the very dark storylines that appeared in Arkham Knight. Having said that, in City and Knight at least, they don’t show Catwoman’s confused and practically broken parts of herself that does show in the comic books. She’s a confident villain, but when that’s broken, she can split and show her vulnerable side. Instead, she is kidnapped by Two-Face (City) and Riddler (Knight) to act as a distraction for Batman. In Knight, I love the puzzles you had to solve with both Batman and Catwoman in order to save her. That, and being able to play as her for some portions of the game. It’s teasing but still good.

While I don’t really enjoy Catwoman playing the damsel-in-distress for Batman, I can’t deny that she is awesome in these games. I just wish she had a bigger part to play.

  • Watch a PC mod of freeroam Catwoman gameplay here.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

maxresdefault (6)

This game surprised me – most of all with Aquaman being decently playable in this game. That and the extremely confusing storyline. Again, she plays a small part in the main story (she only appears once and that’s to offer Batman a chance to run away together). But she definitely makes up for it in her mannerisms and her combat. In this game, she is swift and nimble, making it easy to build up combos (especially if you’re a button-masher like me) and perform special attacks. Injustice to me felt like an OTT fight gaming game, but not in a bad way – it was almost Bayonetta style, just with not as much nudity. I guess it took inspiration from the title – whichever character I played, I felt powerful not just in combat, but using the environment around me. All the areas felt like battlegrounds that the characters could and would destory and not care about anyone in the background – especially the innocent public. That’s how I felt – does that make sense?

  • Watch the Catwoman vs. Harley Quinn trailer here.

So, which one is my favourite? Well, it has to be the Catwoman portrayal in the Batman: Arkham series – more specifically in Batman: Arkham Knight. Granted, I felt like this was the darkest of the all the Batman games but I also felt that this was the most accurate presentation of Batman and Catwoman’s relationship. One of the reasons I fell in love with Catwoman was because of them – I was fascinated by their relationship. They’re both on different sides, yet they seem to belong together. This is easily seen in the puzzles for Arkham Knight, especially towards the end. It frustrates me and also makes me sad. But as I said before, the Batman: Arkham series – for me at least – felt the closest video game to comic books as it can get. Granted, Catwoman was her usual girl-powered self but you did get a glimpse into what their relationship is like, even if it was for a little bit. Had there been more, I think I would have been much more satisfied. But still, not everything can be purr-fect, right?


Thanks for reading, as always. I hope that you enjoyed and if you’re going MCM this weekend, I hope you enjoy that as well! Feel free to leave a like and a comment – I always appreciate them. Also, I’m not apologizing for that pun – have a nice day!



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