Yandere Simulator


Have you ever wanted to play a game where you can eliminate all threats to your love life? Well, Yandere Simulator may be the one for you. In case you didn’t know, yandere (pronounced “yawn-dare-ay”) is a Japanese/anime term for a girl who appears to be sweet and kind, but when she falls in love and becomes devoted to someone, she can do a whole 360 – she is often stubborn and uses violence to get what she wants.

Sounds fun, right?

The aim of this game is to  get rid of every girl who confesses to Senpai (Yandere-chan’s love interest) as each Friday at school, one will do so. The player can use a variety of methods, including kidnapping, drowning, faking their suicide or straight up old fashioned murder. But you can’t get caught – if a teacher is informed, you get expelled; and if Senpai notices, you’ll become heartbroken, and it’s game over. Beware – Yandere-chan becomes very weak around her Senpai!


In case you hadn’t guessed, this is anime meets murder. If you’re able to get rid every single girl in the school, Yandere-chan will be able to confess her love for Senpai.


As mentioned, there are different ways to make sure the other girls do not meet the deadline on Friday. You can drown students in the water fountain at the entrance of the school or in the toilet. You can kidnap students by luring them away, forcing them into boxes and taking them home so you can tie them up in the basement. You can fake their suicide by leading them to the roof and pushing them off. However, there are also weapons dotted around the school grounds, including a knife, a pair of scissors, a box cutter, a screwdriver, a katana, a syringe and poison. You can dispose of the bodies in the furnace infront of the school gate as well as change into a clean uniform and clean up the blood so the crime cannot be linked back to you.

There are things that can wreck the player’s image of being a “normal girl”. Yandere-chan has a reputation bar, meaning that the higher her reputation bar, the easier it is to socially sabotage another girls (we’ll get onto that in a minute). Another thing to take into consideration is Yandere-chan’s sanity – the more she kills, the more her sanity lessens (the music also changes, which is pretty cool). She can visibly twitch which makes it easier for students to see Yandere-chan for who she really is. But simply laughing insanely can help reduce her heartbeat (this measures her insanity).

With all this, Yandere-chan does have some help. Info-chan can help the player with blackmailing and destroying social reputation through selling other student’s panty-shots (yes, really!) and doing favours for her (these are unknown at this point). It is also worth pointing out that if Yandere-chan attends classes, the player can gain study points which increase her stats, e.g. if points are spent in Biology, Yandere-chan can learn to use tranquilizers to kidnap students. Yandere-chan can also eavesdrop on students to gather information about them. When the game starts, the player can change Yandere-chan’s underwear (again – yes, really!) which can help stats too (although it doesn’t affect gameplay yet), such as running faster and receiving an increase for reputation.

There’s a Senpai shrine next to Yandere-chan’s bed which include a photo of him; a used toothbrush; a soiled band aid and a bitten apple. Feel free to check that out while you’re there, OK?


Easter Eggs have also been included in this game. The player can accessorize Yandere-chan with different hair styles and items, such as eyepatches, an octopus plushy and hats. With the Easter Egg menu (accessed by pressing ‘?’), the player can use different modes (see images below):

  • Punished Mode (by pressing ‘P’) (reference to Metal Gear Solid)
  • Slender Mode (by pressing ‘X’) (reference to Slenderman)
  • Bancho Mode (by pressing ‘B’) (reference to Kill la Kill)
  • Hateful Mode (by pressing ‘H’) (reference to Hatred)
  • Spooky Mode (by pressing ‘S’)
  • Titan Mode (by pressing ‘T’) (reference to Attack on Titan)
  • Galo Mode (by pressing ‘G’)
  • DK Mode (by pressing ‘K’) (reference to the mode in GoldenEye007)
  • 47 Mode (by pressing ‘L’) (reference to Hitman)
  • Bad Romance Mode (by pressing ‘J’, even though it’s not on the menu) (referencing Lady GaGa and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • Nude Mode (by pressing ‘N’, even this one also doesn’t appear on the menu)

Easter_Eggs  Eastereggs-0

Pink_thingc  Spooky

Along with these modes, a ghost girl appears when you take a picture in the 3rd floor bathroom (I speculate that there will be a story behind her soon enough). Also, if you are idle on the starting screen (about 10 seconds or so), it will change to an “insane” title.


I would like to note that this game is not complete but the developer YandereDev (also known as “Devpai” on Twitter) is the only one working on this creation. However, I think you would agree when I say that while it is not complete, there is a lot that you can still do. It is said that when it is complete, there will be multiple endings. But with a anime-like game with elements of murder that belong in an episode of Criminal Minds, I’m totally game.


Yandere Simulator is available on PC. However, it is unknown when the game will be complete.

  • Check out YandereDev’s WordPress blog here.
  • Check out his YouTube channel here too.
  • To download the game, go here.
  • This game has proved very popular amongst Let’s Players (I’ve only watched Pewdiepie’s series, but I know CinnamonToastKen, Jacksepticeye and TheRPGMinx have played it too), so there are plenty of videos to check out.

I hope you enjoyed this entry. Orei o yomikomi-yo! 


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