A New Erotic Castlevania Pinball Game?


Castlevania is a well-known game series that has spanned over many platforms and years. If you’re like me and have never played the games before (but it is on my to-game list), the title hints at what the game is about. Castlevania follows the Belmonts – a family of vampire hunters – who take it upon themselves to stop Dracula after his resurrected every 100 years.

When Castlevania was first released in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), it was your typical 2D side-scrolling mixed with platforming and attacking enemies with the “Vampire Killer” (a whip as the weapon of choice) kind of game. The enemies includes bats, werewolves, hunchbacks and Dracula himself (the Grim Reaper even makes an appearance). Castlevania is also known to pay homage to the horror Gothic genre, with altering names in the credits to sound similar to actors who have starred in similar films and even include Frankenstein’s Monster. It is a popular and successful series, even today.


And of course, with this, spin-off games are made too, such as Lords of Shadow. But Japan has taken it one step further with a series of pachinko games.

A pachinko game is similar to pinball – you have a vertical machine (without flippers) that drops balls down onto a series of pins. The player must try to aim these balls into certain areas to trigger sequences that help the player win. The more balls the player has, the better the prizes. Confused yet? Don’t worry, it’s quite a challenging game (supposedly).


So it should come as no surprise to know that there Castlevania pachinko games (at least three). A short trailer was released last week to unveil a new Castlevania pachinko game. However, it caused outrage among fans for one reason: it is pretty sexualised.

Pachislot_Akumaj _Dracula_III

While Castlevania isn’t what I would call an ‘overtly’ sexualised game (compared to, say, Dead or Alive), this trailer completely erases that. While only three women appear in the trailer, one of them is shown a female demon (straight off the bat I’m going to assume it’s a succubus) wearing practically nothing and making sex-like noises. Hell, the trailer itself even says that this game includes ‘erotic violence’. Oh, and that’s not all – said ‘sexy’ demon lady dodges a lightning bolt (I think?) but bending backwards and letting it pass inbetween her breasts. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself:


Weird how it jumps from being a action-adventure platformer to a sexy arcade game. Understandably, fans are not happy about it.


Granted, this is a spin-off pinball-like game released only in Japan, but it does seem idiotic. I am may not be a hardcore fan simply because I’ve never played it but I understand why fans don’t like the look of this trailer. I’m starting to think that Konami (the developers of Castlevania) are going downhill since Hideo Kojima was fired left. Now all they need is a Silent Hills pachinko game…Oh yeah, I forgot that that series got cancelled too.

  • Check out the trailer for yourself here.
  • Still confused about pachinko games? Here’s a video briefly explaining it and showing how it works.

I thought I would change it up this week a little bit (thanks to my friends for showing me the trailer!) so I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!


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