Hello world!

Hello there! I should start with introductions – my name is Jade. I’m currently 21 years old and just a few weeks shy of graduating with a BA Honours in English Language and Media. Despite this, I have a big interest in video games (a studied it for a while at university) and would love to have my own YouTube channel one day, or maybe even work in the video game industry as a script writer (similar to Rhianna Pratchett, who’s awesome). So the reason why I’ve set up this blog is to give my views on gaming news – whether it be an event, a game that is being released or even a quick review on something I’m currently playing (which are mainly old school games).

If I’m not playing video games or watching YouTube vidoes, I’m either reading, writing, enjoying a binge session on Netflix (or Crunchyroll) or hanging out with friends and family.

This blog is just for fun, so don’t take it too seriously! It’s just a way to expression my views on the video game world therefore it’s OK if someone disagrees. If you’d like to chat then feel free to contact me – I enjoy having discussions and debates with people.

So, how is this blog going to work? Well, I’m hoping to post every week (not sure what day yet) about anything I find interesting in the gaming world. I may post more than once a week during such things as gaming events. But we’ll see how it goes!

Hope you enjoy!


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